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I have been asked by the most lovely Adrian Clifford to tell all you lovely Frs and TFrs over here that there are just a few of the MGF10 DVD's left for sale - so if you'd like to relive the 'party', get in quick before they're all GONE! This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get your sticky mitts on a DVD that is more exciting than Raiders of the Lost Ark, more thrilling than Mission Impossible, more of an epic than Ben Hur (and I'd like to assure you all that no Romans or small rodents were hurt in the making of MGF10) and far SEXIER than Last Tango in Paris - okay, is that enough with the sales pitch, d'ya think?!!!

If you'd like a copy, these DVD masterpieces are on sale for the ridiculously low price of £6.99 for MGCC members and £7.99 for non-members (this includes P&P but please remember that overseas mail rates will add to the final cost!).

Either send me a PM or email and I will forward your details to lovely Mr Clifford, or get on over to the F Register site pronto - in fact, get on over to the F Register site anyway, what on earth are you waiting for!!!!!
Lots of meets/rallies/trips to weird and wonderful places with some of the most lovely people you will ever meet....sign up and join in - DO IT NOW! The F Register needs YOU!!!!!
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