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When I removed the VVC engine from my MGF I loosened the unit shown in the photo below - think its the VVC hydraulic unit?

Jury-rigged the starter the other day and as I turned the engine over oil came out of the VVC hydruailc unit and poured through the inlet manifold port into the end cyclinder.
View attachment 138012

Ran a compression test today (other three cylinders first, each around 240psi) and when I tested this cylinder the guage went off the scale and bent the needle!

I presume that this is because there is still oil in that cylinder and I am wondering whether I need to get it out before putting the engine back-in and running it?

Grateful for some advive.
Hi, as Dert said but I would wait until engine is reinstalled and ready to fire up then add a little petrol via plug hole, turn engine over a couple of times replace plugs and start the engine. Any oil left will then burn off and exit via the exhaust in a cloud of blue smoke. Best of luck.
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