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Hi all I have a MGF 120 which I've had now for getting on for about 8 years. I've done many bits and bobs to it over the years and much welding. But for the last year or so I've had it off road and I'm converted the subframe to later TF.
I've also got hold of a 135 engine, which came with a wiring loom and MEMS 3 unit. the engine is now fully inserted into the car with the Subframe fully bolted in and I'm now looking at the next stage of converting my MGF 1.9 ecu to MEMS3.

I have a spare engine loom and the old engine loom and I'm trying to piece things together using a multimetter and some masking tape and a pen. I've figure out a few things, but there seems to be a massive part of the new leem missing. The part which connects to the realy circuit at the back. Also, attach picture;
Hood Vehicle Motor vehicle Yellow Automotive exterior

I have the large connector on the left but now the connector to the right, is that part of the missing loom that connects to the relay part that should be mounted onto the back of this?
Any help would be very appreciated. Any I do have a lot more questions. but one step at a time.

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