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MGF/TF Stainless Exhaust TT Mk4/4 #1 Help for heroes auction

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With the next batch of TT exhausts nearing completion and as is now usual practice I will auction off the first of the Mk4/4 batch for Help for Heroes.

Like last time, I will pick the best of the batch number it TT Mk4/4 #1 and auction it off for charity.

You will remember Toby500 who still is in my forum friends list, he was a serving soldier. I fitted his TT very much like I did for Art and so I do this for him and will continue to do every time I run a batch.
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Sold for £281

if anybody else wants one they are available for £250 without finishers and £275 with. Delivery end of Oct ish..or as soon as I can get them!
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