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Hello, me again, with my steering nag. Remember, I have a 97 MGF with no EPAS. Since buying her I've had a continued nagging about the steering and made several related posts. I've had some joy along the way but the root problem still exisits. Here's a bit of history:

Test drove the car for about 45 minutes and noticed the steering was heavy and wanted to pull straight (snap out of ones hand if not careful) when cornering. A little bit like winding a spring when turning the wheel and then the spring wanting to "spring back" to normal position. I asked the seller and they didn't think there was a problem, "its always drove like that" hmmmm.... I know by laws of physics cars normally want to go straight and after driving so many cars with power steering over the years I thought this must just be a feature of cars with no power steering. The ride also felt lumpy but I put this down to the sports suspension etc. again, another feature.

After having her a couple of weeks (and after a suggestion on here) I checked the tyre pressures , and they were all low (one as low as 12psi) so corrected them (infact overinflated them a little by mistake) and the handling and ride improved immediately.

The next thing I noticed was that between 55mph and 65mph she juddered and shook. Balancing me thought, so off to the tyre fitters I went and yes, all four wheels were out of balance. I had the four wheel tracking done at the same time. The judder dissapperared....getting better.

However, the heavy and snappy steering issue has re-occured so I'm going to re-check the tyre pressures (maybe she has a slow puncture) and the shudder has reappearred, now occurring at 30mph not 55-65! - so, maybe back off to the tyre fitters again zzzzzzz

I just wanted to ressurrect this issue to see if anyone has had similar problems with an MGF without EPAS. I would have thought that as there was little weight at the front the steering should be nice and light. Could there be anything else to check? are there any mechanical components which could cause the heavy and snappy steering?

Cheers guys, this site has been invaluable so far and I really appreciate all your help

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