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It would appear whilst drivin down a dual carridgeway i had not cliped the soft top rough into place properly! The rough blew back and i had to pull over. THis now seems to have caused major problems.

1. The zip for the back window has broken and the window is down anyone knoe how to fix this or the cost?

2.The rooof seems as tho is may be slighlty buckled, it can be clipped on firmly but there appear to be leaks where the windows join. The seals also appear to be out of place and not keeping water out, but also it is not possible to open the door when the windows are up due to the position of the seals. It also appears as if the roof will no longer fold back correctly. I have not been able to take a closer look due to the constant rain.

I would be gratefull if you could offer any advise on how/where to get this fixed and the possible costs involved.

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