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MGF Prices

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Some advice please.

I've noticed that the prices of MGF's are slowly falling. As I'm now in the market to buy one and don't want to spend more than necessary (as I need to build up my Russell fund!!), is it likely that prices will fall even more during the Winter or do the sensible sellers wait until Spring.

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Prices normally fall during the winter, December/January being about the best time to buy, however if you find your dream car in great condition then it could well be worth buying it :)

Good luck with your search, there are plenty of knowledgeable people on here to help. :broon:
Although there are still those who ask crazy money, For some reason the prices have been very low this year, whether they will drop any further in autumn winter the normal cheap time is hard to say. To be honest I cant see it, as we would be virtually giving them away, if they did fall further.

The good thing for you is that its a buyers market.

All the best of luck with your search.

Its certainly true that prices are lowest during the depths of winter but you will have less choice of cars to choose from.
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