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If you had a never ending budget would you convert your current engine or drop in a different lump?

  • Convert what engine I have

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MGF -non VVC 1.8 -SORN refurb
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Hello and welcome to my indesiveness!

I am stuck on a decision whether to do a sensitive refurb' to 'as it was' or rip into her and do a Turbo version.
I guess one will appreciate in time and make some money and one will lose loads of money.

Anyone who has done a conversion or dropped in a KV6 or is just interested, please contribute.

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It seems that an engine swop is the way to go for a Turbo. Keeping the block and changing out the con rods and pistons is expensive even if buying second hand. Then there is
  1. Turbo
  2. manifold
  3. actuator
  4. boost controller
  5. custom exhaust
  6. intercooler
  7. piping
  8. remap
  9. Feed and returns to the turbo for oil and water
  10. Uprated fuel pump (Mike Satur- 3.5 BAR flows 4 litres per minute)
Then there is insurance.... :eek:

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So basically, you want us to make a decision for you, because you cant?

My view is if you want a turbo charged car, go and buy something else.

MG TF 135 2003
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I heard that is easy to get 200hp from a Turbo K4 160PS (the one in the ZT). Is the "cheaper" way to get 200hp from a K series if you find a ZT second-hand engine with ECU. I heard also that with the original exhaust manifold the engine does not fit because the turbo hits the front engine chassis panel, but if you make your own handmade exhaust manifold it will fit.

Is a great configuration for this car because you'll find great power at low rpm and more torque, but I think I prefer an atmospheric configuration with 160 head ported and fix valve timing with ITB. I'm afraid that this will be more expensive.

if you need someone for the ECU programming Mark from Kmaps is your guy.
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