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1995 MGF Mpi
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On my 1995 MGF, I have a knock/clunk sound when I turn the steering near the end of travel. I was under the car Sunday and I could see nothing loose, the subframe is tight to the body, the steering rack looks well secured.

The rubber bushings in the lower control arms seem fine, I put my pry bar between the subframe and the lower control arms' rubber bushing and could get only a small amount of movement, it seemed okay given that they are rubber bushings, no poly bushings.

The tie rod ends are good, as well as the upper and lower ball joints, no movement with the use of a pry bar, I can see nothing that would be giving the knock noise. I even turned the wheels lock to lock and I heard no odd noise. The accordion boots on the steering rack are good.

Any suggestion what the noise could be?
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