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Try the FACEBOOK Groups.

There's some very clued up MG6 owners over on the Facebook Group(s). Might get responses there from folks who have been there and done that.

Have fitted MG6 engine to my MG ZT_T 1.8T. That was over three years ago. So far no problems and delighted but electrics and engine management very different between these at first glance very similar cars.

The shift from web sites like this to FB is not appreciated by this car enthusiast. Smart phones have one big disadvantage. They encourage one line responses.

FB far too smart phone linked so in depth responses far less easy on those smaller fiddly devices which are much less user friendly for in depth responses than say a Laptop or Desk Top IT stuff with proper keyboards..

Currently have Chinese GP First Free Practice on. I wonder if the the young new boy driving red will sustain his early promise shown in the first two races this season. Hope so. Much needed change of the usual suspects at the top long overdue.
21 - 23 of 23 Posts