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I called in to JJ Motors in Skewen, Swansea for a looksee. Fair play to the salesman he tried his best to show me the SatNav system but he didn't have a clue. It looks dead easy to use, it was the salesman who was a bit out of touch I feel is the polite version!

I was pretty impressed. I didn't have a chance to drive one, but I had a good look over the S, SE and TSE. As I suspected the TSE is really the only one I would go for. The cloth interior doesn't so much for me, same as on most modern cars. That aside the gadgets I've got used to on the ZT are fulfilled in the TSE spec, while there are gaps on the SE.

I noticed on the S model there are a lot less buttons around the radio controls and then realised they are related to the SatNav system. So there are quite a lot of buttons to press and play with on the SE and TSE though they are well disguised by being integrated with the radio pushbutton panel. The SatNav system interface could do with a makeover/firmware upgrade - I'm sure it's possible. It didn't look all that appealing. Fairly basic, and the screen a little low res.

Materials I felt were good for a modern car. I have test driven a new Kia Pro C'eed, and let's face it while they used to be cheap and cheerful their prices have crept up and they are not so cheap anymore. The Kia was pretty good. Some flimsy bits here and there but robust enough and decent quality. My parents have a top of the range Astra and again for a modern car the materials used I'd say are very good. And overall I'd say the MG was in between both of these, a few areas where it's not great, but most areas being good enough. The leather on the seats was again good and thick, not as nice as the leather in the Astra. I say "for a modern car" above because I find there is a lot of downgrading of materials used across the board on modern cars. Handles tend to be plastic with a chrome or matte layer on top, plastics seem thinner. I'm guessing a lot of it is cost driven, and some of it is weight saving to try to counter weight gains elsewhere.

Back to the MG6. It's a big car. Very much welcome in my opinion. I sat in the MG6 for a good half hour looking around and playing with all the gadgets. I got to my parents and did a few errands in their Astra and immediately realised how much tighter it was inside the Astra.

The gadgets on the TSE lifts it from being an average car to a good car. If it were a couple of grand cheaper (wishful thinking!) I'd be tempted. If I get a chance to test drive one I'd have a better feel for how the MG6 compares to the latest Astra to drive. I'm confident the 6 will be a world apart in driving dynamics, the Astra really is devoid of steering feedback, although it's steering agility is very sharp, so I think it's 99% down to the electric steering assistance sapping all feedback. The Astra's drivetrain seems sloppy too, as did the Insignia I drove last year, but I think that's something that I could become accustomed to.

Overall, the MG6 is a nice car. Looks good inside and out, is a big solid car and is by all accounts very good drive.
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