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Was a finance company involved in this car purchase?

Hi has anybody got one fitted and having problems? Mine was fitted by the dealer when I purchased the car new in June 2016, it been great until 4 days ago when I got an error on start up saying

"Navigation Failed to Load" with 2 option EXIT or NAV PATH Selecting Exit, goes back to main menu, NAV PATH brings up "Please insert the Navigation devices"

I have been in communication with NAVIEXTRAS, they are confident it's hardware related, this was proved today when my local dealer Perkins proved the SD card works OK and a known good SD card brought up the same error.

They tried a full reset but the same error, MG are saying it only has 12 months warranty, therefore I need to buy a new unit @ £455ish, MG have offered £120 towards the cost as a good will gesture.

I'm 19 not earning much so there is little hope of buying a replacement unit, i have emailed INaviagation via website but not got anything back yet.

A few questions:

1. Has anybody had the same issue?
2. Any thoughts on a solution?
3. Anybody know anybody who works in a electrons workshop that could look at it?

Any help would be great


I can't help you with the sat-nv issue but did you use a credit card as part of the car purchase or is it on some sort of finance as you might be able to get the credit card company/finance company involved in the dispute and they could help out with the costs somehow.

I know that for the credit card there used to be section 75 which gives some sort of consumer rights but I am not sure if this is applicable in this case or even asking trading standards as obviously mechanically the car is under a 3 year warranty with MG but accessories such as an additional sat-nav device might not be covered.

Good luck!

1 - 2 of 37 Posts