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Faulty Sat Nav Hi has anybody got one fitted and having problems? Mine was fitted by the dealer when I purchased the car new in June 2016, it been great until 4 days ago when I got an error on start up saying "Navigation Failed to Load" with 2 option EXIT or NAV PATH Selecting Exit, goes back to main menu, NAV PATH brings up "Please insert the Navigation devices" I have been in communication with NAVIEXTRAS, they are confident it's hardware related, this was proved today when my local dealer Perkins proved the SD card works OK and a known good SD card brought up the same error. They tried a full reset but the same error, MG are saying it only has 12 months warranty, therefore I need to buy a new unit @ £455ish, MG have offered £120 towards the cost as a good will gesture. I'm 19 not earning much so there is little hope of buying a replacement unit, i have emailed INaviagation via website but not got anything back yet. A few questions: 1. Has anybody had the same issue? 2. Any thoughts on a solution? 3. Anybody know anybody who works in a electrons workshop that could look at it? Any help would be great William
Hi William, Yes, I've just had the same problem with my builtin satnav on an MG3 purchased new in 2016. I think the message I get reads something like ' insert navigation card'??? but there's no place for a card/usb stick on the device/in glove box! The FG Barnes Maidstone dealership (where car was bought) proved to be inefficient and pretty useless so there is no point seeking advice or help there. Sorry I'm unable to help ... I'm using Google maps on my iphone (securely anchored to the dashboard with a magnetic thingy from Amazon!) ... good l I
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