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MG3 Central locking issue

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I am having an issue with the locking on my MK1 MG3.

The fob won't unlock the doors, but it will lock them. To get into the car I need to use the key, but it only unlocks the driver's door.
Once in the car and after the doors lock, I am unable to open any doors with the internal handles, I need to wind down the window and use the key on the outside of the door to unlock it. The unlock button on the center console doesn't unlock the doors either.

When I press either the unlock button on the fob or the center console, it sounds like the doors are trying to unlock.

I have checked the fuses that are related to central locking and they seem fine, and I have also disconnected the battery for 30mins, to see if that resets anything.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards
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If anyone else has the same issue, it was the door lock on the passenger side blowing a fuse.
I got the lock replaced and everything is all good.
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