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MG3 2016 Radio Won’t Turn On/Off with ignition.

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My 2016 mg3 radio (non touch screen) will not turn On or Off with the ignition. This means I have to manually turn it on resulting in it allways being in 30 minute mode, which is meant for when the car is off. I also have to turn off the radio manually too.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to reset it to turn On/Off with the ignition?

Thanks in advance.
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Hi. Has this been sorted? If not then you may need to check if voltage is coming out the rear of the ignition switch.
In the lower cowl panel behind the steering wheel are three philips head screws. Remove these and separate the top and bottom panels. The top one cannot be removed fully and can become a bit of a nuisance during the next check.
With the panrls removed, you should be able to see the 6 pin plug at the rear of the keyswitch. The aux pin is the small grey wire in one of the two middle pins. The other wire is white and pink. This is the starter motor relay control wire.
Using a multimeter or 12 volt test light check that voltage is on the grey wire terminal when the key is turned to position 1 or 2. If you see voltage then the radio may need to be removed to check the wiring there.
Hope this helps.
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