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mg zs vin and commission numbers question

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just wondered out of morbid curiosity and interest of course lol does anyone have a commission number lower than mine at 255 and if anyone knew where they started from was it 0 etc and is there a way of knowing from the vin how many off the line mine is, eg did the vin numbers start at 554401 etc ta !!
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no one seams to know - but traditionally MG started body numbers (commission numbers) at 251 for production cars so if this was the case you have a very early ZS ( 251 was the original Abbingdon factiry phone number )

Whats the last 6 digits of your VIN - thing is the vins will have run through from the 45 range so they wouldnt have started the ZS at 000001
cheers for that the vin is 554404 , shes defo an early on as when ive needed parts for the body eg radio mast on the roof its got the earlier 4 bolt version and not the zs 2 bolt version like on 51 plate :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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