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MG ZS 180 saloon

I'm having trouble with the steering rack on my car. when the car is sitting stationary and I rock the steering wheel back and forth I get a nocking noise coming from the steering wheel and this can also be felt through the pedals.

now I have had the car into Taggarts in Motherwell with surprise surprise ... no faults found !

I complained and they sent a technician out on a journey with me, he heard all the faults immediatley and re-booked the car in for me for immediate repair as he stated it was a dangerous problem. I took the car home and returned today to hand it in for the work to be completed.

they now pulled there ace from up the cuff.

I require to have my service completed at the same time as it's within 500 miles of requieing one. I asked for paperwork to confirm this, none can be found. It was suggested that the same info was in the handbook. I have recently moved home and cant put my hand on it just now.

Could someone please have a little look in there book and see if this statement is true for me ??

As I feel they are ripping the mince outa me 100% and dont want to do the work incase I dont return with the car for the service... honest guv,not even on my mind ;-)

Thanks in advance.

Sam T
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