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MG ZR 115 TD+ 2004 MK2 & MG ZS 160 VVC 2005 & MG ZR 101 TD 2002 MK1
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I have recently purchased a MG ZS 120 which has had the engine upgrade to a 160 VVC.

The problem is that the ABS light comes on randomly on the dashboard, there are no faults in the ABS module or any other module in the car, but the light on the dashboard comes on and off randomly. According to what I have been told, this is a common occurrence when this type of swap is carried out.

Does anyone who has done this swap and it has happened to them know how to solve it?

It's not because of the light, because it doesn't affect the functioning of the car in any way, but because it doesn't pass the annual inspection (ITV) in Spain because the light is on.

Thanks in advance.
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