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Greetings from Greece.
I have a 2002 MG ZR 160 which is so far completely stock.
I am pretty sure that there are similar threads in this forum but i have a hard time searching through so many threads.
First of all i would like some e-shops sites where i can buy stuff for my car... anything from bodykits to engine parts. Of course they should be able to send them in Greece :D. I have found a few sites of course but i would like some tested and reliable references...

My mechanical knowledge is not really expert , I would like some help on what is most efficient in modifying a VVC. I am mostly wondering if a turbo solution is reliable. If you have any proposals on what should be "must-have" modifications , have any kind of links or what brand is best for a certain part for the MG , please say so. The way i see it im looking for a turbo kit , an oval exhaust , upgraded brakes , remapping and some other modifications that i have trouble describing since my primary language is greek. So far i have found online a LEDA fully adjustable suspension set. Would that be a good option ?

I know that my post might be confusing , as i am also confused, and the MG modification isnt really popular in Greece. Any kind of help from the Guru's would be much appreciated :D . My budget for mechanical and interior/body modifications should be about 6-7k pounds.
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