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Mg zr td (2002) mot......

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It PASSED!!! Happy days! Just a couple of advisory points, the main one being the rear fuel pipes are badly corroded, i'm sure Rimmer Bros do these so no problem there, but I also got a "Low Ride Height", it is on lowered spax springs (30mm) but i've never had that before with other cars i've lowered. Anyone else get this when you MOT your lowered ZR's or is my Testing Station a bit overzelous?

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Cant help with the lowering advice, sorry, but can share the elation of passing the mot, mine sailed through with flying colours last friday morning, got fantastic results all round :)
never heard of the lowering thingy before ever o_O

and i have had mates with Euro style ground scrapers that pass with zero problems...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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