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MG ZR Straights 17"

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4 ZR straights, I'm selling as I have them left over and no car to fit them on any more!
I started a refurb on the wheels a few weeks back but stopped when I sold my car so they're 1/4 done. The were intended to be white.

One wheel has 2 coats of paint and needs one more and then lacquer
One wheel has been primed and needs one more coat of primer, primed in white so can be painted silver without really respraying the primer.
One wheel has been sanded and curbing filled in
And one wheel is completely untouched.

The untouched wheel has a brand new tyre on it, has done around 50 miles!

2 tyres are legal, around 2-3mm left and the wheel which has been painted is probably illegal.

I will get some pictures uploaded tomorrow, too dark to take some now!

To be honest I'm not really too sure about the value of them, they came with the car, so I am open to offers. Don't be shy in offers, just PM me :)

I'm located in Maidstone
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How much you looking for mate? Don't know if they'll fetch as much as usual need abit of work but I'm sure someone will snap them up. Always seem to be in demand!
Hi mate,

pics would be good. also where are you bassed to and what price you looking at ?
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