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MG-ZR Really worth it?

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Ain't posted on here for some time hehe

Anyway, I would like to ask, is a MG ZR really worth it? Now I know asking in a MG forum is just begging loads of "YES YES YES" answers but would just like some more detail on why.

Been checking out loads of cars and I a bit of a performance freak :bandit: Ive checked out the 0-60 times on the 1.4 and its about 10 seconds. I have done alot of comparing and the corsa/clio are about the same in the 1.4 range.

Thinking of going out this weekend and making my mind up but would just like some input first. Does it have good pull, could I throw it around corners and it would be ok?

Many thanks :)
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I'd be surprised if a Vx 1.4 could keep up in a straight line, I dunno about the Clio. The good thing about the ZR 1.4 is it likes to be revved so if you thrash it, you'll be possibly be able to keep up with things that are technically faster.

They handle well too, so even with just the 1.4 you can cover ground in them.

Have a look here as far as I know they're pretty unbiased
thanks for that review and the website! I have checked out whatcars video on the ZR which is pretty cool!

Found a snazzy black 54 plate ZR that i might look at this weekend! Shame its group 7 insurance... :guns: but I think im gonna have to invest.

If anyone else has any reviews they have Id love to hear them
The ZR's proven to be a pretty good buy as a new car; residuals against its competition seem good in the long run, and the new Trophy models offer a great spec at what can be great prices.

The 1400k is an alloy block which means a light front end for lithe handling, and at 103bhp is one of, if not the best performers in its class. It comes from a good stable, where it's bigger brother has been acclaimed "Best Handling FWD Car" from the humble (if not handsome) 45.
I have one comment to make about my ZR 105

:bgrin2: :bgrin2: :bgrin2: :bgrin2: :bgrin2:

It's not the fastest car 0-60, but the mid-range torque is such that, even if beaten in a straight fight off the lights it'll soon catch up.

My other half has a ZR160, and I'm no match 0-60, but I'll catch up, and keep up once the car is going. If you can afford one, buy one - you won't regret it!!!
My wife has a ZR 105+ 2004 model. She was really happy with it, gave the power when it was required and it looked the part to!

Happy hunting
Excellent! Wow, sounds pretty exciting from your posts! Pretty much decieded now i want one, just hope they can give me enough for me old car in part exchange then im sorted :naughty:

Out of interest, whats the standard alloy size on the lowest version? It looks about 15s to me but wasn't sure
standard alloy size is 16's , my first mg was a 105+, once reved she got going quick enough for local roads, sat comfortably on motorway at 70 -80, once hit 110 on the m6 :eek: great fun litle car , go test drive one mate, you will not be dissapointed :dddc:
I found my wifes ZR105 was really good handling wise. It could corner just as quick as my higher powered ZT, but because it's smaller it felt faster.

I had a Scooby owner (STI with PPP) in it the other week, and he couldn't believe it was a 1.4. His quote "well, it's the quickest 1.4 I've ever been in".

Thats enough praise I'd say from an owner of a 310bhp beast.

The ZR105, clio and corsa are all aroudn the same performance 10s, 10.2, and 10.5 respectively to 60.

The clio and corsa are much smaller cars, and the corsa is massively under powered in comparison to the other two (88bhp against 103bhp for the ZR and 100bhp for the clio). This extra power will help accelerate the car past 60.

I'd say therefore your choice really has to be the clio or ZR. The clio is (IMO) better equiped, with a fresher interior, it is, although not by much, slower than the ZR. But what the clio won't match the ZR on is handling, the ZR will rip through country roads with less effort than the clio. As said before the ZR is also larger than the clio so that's a plus, but it probably does have higher insurance rating.
The only downside of the ZR is that it has a turning circle of a Thames Barge!!

However round corners it holds the road, and in a straight line will comfortably sit at 90 doing around 4000rpm, and still have a bit of power if needed.

I was going to buy a SportKa, but after driving the ZR there was no competition, plus the ZR had more power than the SportKa (ZR 103bhp from a 1.4, SportKa 97 from a 1.6)
WOOHOO! :cool: :beer2: :hyper: :bigeyes:

Well I bought the MG ZR this morning! :hyper: Went for a test drive in it and it seemed pretty quick. I dunno if it was becuase I had someone else in the car with me that might of slowed it down a bit (and he wasn't a small fella either ;) )., going from a corsa to a mg can tell the difference. Decided to basically give it a bit of gip round this roundabout which was fun!

Another question then, does it take sometime before it shows its true speed becuase the car i bought is brand new and has 12 miles on the clock. Does it need to be worn in a bit first?
SmallRoverKid said:
Another question then, does it take sometime before it shows its true speed becuase the car i bought is brand new and has 12 miles on the clock. Does it need to be worn in a bit first?
Glad you like the Zed - you won't regret it!!

When I bought mine - 04 reg, pre-facelift 105 I was told to keep it under 4k rpm for 1000 miles. However it will still do 90mph at under 4k rpm! :evil: :evil: Was also told not to over-rev and never to redline it in that first 1000 miles! Best thing is to check in your handbook and see what it says about bedding in the engine.
Ok cool thanks!

Omg I can't wait! I bet the time is gonna really drag untill I get it! :guns2:
I've had my ZR 105 for 3 weeks.I also have a ZT 160+ V6.

As a town car and upto 60mph the ZR is very impressive.Also economical.
I agree the turning circle is awful.

In the handling department it is very close but the ZT gives far more confidence and feels more stable at higher speeds.

Get on motorways and the ZR is very under powered and too much noise.Reminds me a lot of when I use to drive mums old style mini.

I'am probably being a little unfair here though as I have never owned a car a small car before.All my previous cars have been 2 litres or above.

After extensive research.

I came down to a choice between ZR and a MINI ONE.
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"Get on motorways and the ZR is very under powered and too much noise"

I went on one country type road and an estate on my road test but that was the one area I was interested in becuase I do a fair few motorway miles!

I thought with the 100bhp it might of pulled a fair bit. Would you say it is really underpowered or just enough for a 1.4? :sad3:
Didn't mean to confuse you.After all I chose the ZR over the mini, similarly noisey at motorway speeds.I've just been used to big cars with good sound insulation.

The problem isn't with the power but more a lack of torque,drop to fifty or so and to get your speed back up you need to drop to fourth gear or you are holding people up.

I am having to get use to changing gear a lot more than normal,for instance the ZT will pull away easily in 2nd,hit 25 then into 5th.Not that I drive it this way.

I had the ZT breakdown on me and the dealer gave me use of a ZR,I was very surprised of the power available and was convinced it was a 120.I was stunned when I found out it was only a 105.This was town driving though.
Can't imagine other 1.4 or 1.6's would be any better.
Ah ok, thats cool then becuase Im used to dropping gears all the time after spending so long in the corsa! :lol:

Oh well, can't wait after all the reviews so far! Just a bit annoyed that I have to run the car in first! Oh well, guess patience never harmed :p

Thanks to all the people who responded, was a good insight on whats to come!
Glad you picked the ZR its a hella beast i cant comment much on the speed/ performanceon a 1.4 as ive never owned one, i got the 160 which handdling is basicly rock solid i can easily out turn and out grip VW Golfs the new ones too the 3.2L beasts and even some other, comes down to having those springs as stock are really alot of fun. fair enough even i cant catch GTis in a stright 3.2L vs my 130ish at the wheels is a bit mismatched :p
but take 'er on the twisties and they b ack down far before you can. :)

Welcome to a new fun way of driving, not just in a stright fast line :p

oh yes, but PLLEASEEEE do not over estimate the ZR either, you could find yourself in a real mess. Drive safe, and when time comes, up grade to the VVC and get the best of both mate. real fast ride. oh and you will love the fact you can take your rps to 7100 before you shift, one fun way to see your buddie cling to the seat "SHIFT SHIFT DAMN YOU"

you: aalllmooosttt bang hit 7100 and shift fast and drop the clutch and off you go again :p

but agree even the 160 is a bit low on torque later on. but easy enough to take off in 2nd if you like screwing your clutch :p
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I have a ZT and the wife has a ZR 105 and at first i was really disapointed with the power.The 105 will take a few thousand miles to loosen up fully. By then it will rev and pull much better. Careful running in will pay dividends in the long run, keep the revs below 3000 if at all possible for the first 600 miles and then GRADUALLY increase the revs. Don't just get to 600 miles and then start red lining it!I would suggest that by about 1500 miles you are OK to use max revs - if needed.

Now, with 3,000 miles on the clock, the car pulls really well for a 1.4. Yes it is underpowered a bit on the motorway but you can forgive it that!

The 105 also suffers if it has 17" wheels as they are a fair bit heavier than the 16" and therefore take more power to accelerate.

Overall though probably the most fun you can have for about £8k pounds!
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