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Hi All,

Installing new speakers in the front of my car and the front right side plays out a lot quiter than the left side and is muffled etc, the original speakers weren't playing out the front as the crimp was unpluged so we plugged it back together it wasn't working out the right, we thought this was cuase the insulation was in the crimp so replaced it. Issue was still same so played around with the gator between the door and this improved it sightly, but think the issue is wiring between the headunit and going into the crossover as used the old speaker wire. There shouldn't be an issue with how it's wired up to the speakers as it's identical to the other side which works fine.

Just wondering how it's easiet to access the wire to fault find and how to replace if neccesary, I assume I'll have to cut the gator open. Is there any other issues that I'm missing/overlooking. I don't think it'll be the pilarity as i've doible checked wiring and should be correct.

Thanks for help, have uploaded a few pictures that should help.

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