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MG ZR 2L Turbo Diesel

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Just like it says.
I have to sell my MG ZR 2L TD due to financial situation, unfortunately.

It's a may 04' car (just before new model came in) in nightfire red, 17'' straights and the MG sideskirts, front and rear lips.

Mint car with about 9500 miles on it at time of advertising, unfortunately I'm in northern ireland.

The car has about 20months warranty left on it, and is due it's first service in may 05.

Not sure really how much they go for, but I'll hazard a price of around £8000 (According to autotrader).

Email me if you're interested, or give my mobile a ring.

[email protected]

Pics to follow...
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I am now also willing to deliver this to UK mainland.

PM or gimme a ring/email!
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would love it, but outa my range - you might have trouble getting that much for it, due to the current situation!!!
Yeah tell me about it mate, I've just dropped the price actually, sorry to think it was worth 8500 before the Rover/MG meltdown :(

I'd be happy to take 7k cash for it right now, although autotrader prices don't seem to have dropped so much...gonna throw it in this week. :)
good luck dude, wish i could afford, but selling my 45 wouldnt raise enough!!!
Cheers dude, am really looking rid of this now...

have my mr2 turbo lined up and all :eek:uch:
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