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So a couple of more cosmetic upgrades, then I go onto my lighting revamp

- I swapped the radio antenna, simply unscrew the old one and screw the new one on, the one I purchased (Chrome Brush Effect Radio Antenna) came with three adapter, and one fitted perfectly. I feel this gives the car a much more modern and sportier, and goes really well with rest of the chrome that is on the MGTFs, I would definitely recommend this one:
Car Vehicle Hood Automotive tire Automotive lighting

- Something I noticed was how rusty the bolts and washers had got under the bonnet, after inspection they are just standard bolts and washers so I bought a kit (Bolt and Washer Kit) and swapped each bolt one by one, giving a much better look but also getting everything tight again.

Eagle eyes reader will also see the bonnet catch mount was resprayed and cleaned up. I had a lot of bother getting this back on correctly, after respraying and reinstalling, the bonnet catch would not naturally close when the bonnet dropped, after a lot of re-adjustment, the bonnet can now be closed by bending back the hook, hooking it underneath the mount and then pressing on top of the bonnet till it clips, not how it was before, but it works!
Grille Hood Automotive tire Automotive lighting Vehicle

- I swapped the jet washers, I had issue with the left hand side washer, the pressure simply isn't there, I swapped the washer heads and also blew down the pipe to clear any debris and worked well for a few days, although the pressure has now gone down again and only just reaches the windscreen, I will have to investigate further, although looking inside the jet washer reservoir, there is a lot of gunk in there, if you have any suggestions on how to clean this without removing it, please let me know although I'm guessing it's going to be a case of removing the reservoir and giving it good clean with the garden hose. I did want spray nozzles instead of jets, but couldn't pass on these lovely looking chrome jet washers (Chrome Jet Washers), really ties in well with the rest of the chrome on the car, I do wonder why MG didn't have these as standard:
Hood Vehicle Automotive lighting Automotive tire Motor vehicle

Now comes my big boo boo, would you expect changing a light bulb to turn out like this...

Car Vehicle registration plate Vehicle Hood Automotive lighting

No? Me neither.

I wanted to change all the lights for LEDs. Brighter, more energy efficient and last much longer, definitely a no brainer. I used this very helpful guide here (CJJ Light Bulb LED Conversion Guide) which goes over all the different type of bulb connectors you will need.

As mentioned in Part 1 a lot of the links are expired so I will list new links with up-to-date eBay listings:

Footwell Lights (Festoon C5W White LED)
Rear Number Plate (Festoon C5W White LED)

Rear View Mirror Curtesy Lights (501 T10 White LED)
Front Side Lights (501 T10 White LED)

So why did I need to remove the bumper and front light? Well, the front side lights, the bulbs I chose could have 5, 9 or 13 LEDS on the unit, I chose the 9 LED version, the issue was getting the unit into the tight space where the standard bulb and connector would go, I manage to get the right hand side one on, no problem, looking back this was mostly luck! but the second, I figured I could get the bulb into the hole, then push the connector onto it, what then happened was not good, the bulb and the plastic cover where the side light site popped though into the headlight unit itself! I would seriously suggest getting the 5 LED version for both the sidelights and rear view mirror.

The only solution was to remove the headlight unit and shake it out, the bulb came out easily enough but the small round plastic cap took a while, eventually it fell out one of the air vent in the bottom, I managed to get the bulb back on and hook it all up! Definitely a longer job then I expected, but the results look good!

I also swapped the indicator bulbs for LED but they were no where near as bright and I will always choose safety over looks so I put the originals back in, they are covered by the orange plastic cover anyway, so no issues with cosmetics

I did have some issues as well with the number plate lights, the screws had completely worn out, so I ended up drilling the plastic around the screw and managed to get the covers off, I then superglued them back shut, let's hope I never need to get back into them!

Another point is the way LEDs work, if they don't work, you will need to flip them 180 degreed due to the polarity of the bulbs

As I hope you'll agree, much better than the old style orangey lights:
Hood Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Automotive design Vehicle

- Next were the lights on the dash, for some reason MG decided to stick an orange filter below the lights for the dash, making it look dull and very outdated, I followed this guide (Change Dashboard Lights to LEDs), and worked really well.

I did have to redo the whole process, as despite buying 4 identical bulbs (two spares) one was more of a bluey white instead of white white

Dashboard Lights (T5 White LED)

Request: I have highlighted the the two tops screws, I dropped one into the abyss and cannot retrieve it, I have used two screws I had lying around, but if anyone has an original spare screw or a pair matching screws that will be flush with the plastic, please let me know!
Speedometer Vehicle Trip computer Odometer Car

- Now that I had the new lights installed, I needed to sort out the headlight plastic. A personal annoyance of mine is when headlights go orangey over time, it affect visibility but also makes the car look old. I tried these ArmorAll wipes off Amazon (ArmorAll Headlight Restorer Wipes), as it had good reviews, in fairness, it does state not to use them if the headlight plastic is scratched, however I tried it anyway... and it made it 10 times worse, I was prepared to get them professional done anyway if the wipes didn't work, so wasn't too fazed.

I used Headlight Sparkle (HeadlightSparkle). They operate around London, Kent and in Essex. Very friendly and good service, and they come to you! I'll let the images show the results, they speak for themselves:
Automotive parking light Vehicle Photograph Grille Motor vehicle

They look and feel completely new, and for £85, you cannot complain!

- Next was another quick and easy fix, the gear stick was very sloppy, after looking at this guide (Fix a Sloppy Gearstick) two of the three bolts where as tight as they could be, the only one that could be tightened was the one closest to the centre console, as the guide mentioned, don't overtight them, I found I had as getting the gearstick in second sometimes proved difficult, so when I changed the leather gaiter I loosened just under a quarter turn, much better. I will admit it is still fairly sloppy, but better than before, but the biggest change was it now 'clicks' into gear much better!

- A couple of quick wins, and definitely a waste of a few pounds, but why not, custom metal MG dust caps (Metal MG Dust Caps) and door bolt covers, a couple of the bolts were rusty so it does hide this (Plastic Door Screw Caps)
Automotive tire Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Vehicle door Tread

- Something that people probably don't think, neither did I till I had my head in the footwell are the rubber pedal covers, I ordered a pair of new one (Rubber Brake and Clutch Covers) and the grip difference is quite substantial, definitely helps if your feet keep slipping of the clutch pedal!

- Finally, after driving the car for a month I noticed the steering wheel was not straight, and when hitting a pothole the whole car veered to the left. I also noticed at slow speeds it was very hard to turn the setting wheel, I knew the steering wasn't the best in the MGTFs, but didn't think it would be this bad, especially as mine is one of the last that was made and had improvements put in place, after some investigation I worked out I needed a 4-wheel laser alignment.

I used Tyre Smart in Witham, Essex (TyreSmart (Witham,Essex)), super friendly and great service, not quite sure what all the number mean below, but the alignment was very off, but the steering wheel is now straight, much more responsive, easier to turn, better handling, will have less wear on tyres, the car will use less MPG and much safer, in all honesty, one of the £79 I have spent!
Product Textile Sleeve Font Line

- Finally, the heated windscreen did not work, after inspection, it was missing the cable that goes from the cable hidden underneath the parcel shelf (passenger side), many guides explained how to make one but I did not have the knowledge or tools, luckily there is 1 (only one) listed on eBay, and it is reasonable priced too, would recommended if you're missing one (Heated Windscreen Cable Connector)

- I also needed new windscreen wipers, I would recommend these (Bosch Windscreen Wipers (Pair))

So far that is it!

I have new horn arriving tomorrow, the dual factory horns are no longer in the car and car buttons do not work, I believe the Squib Steering Horn Coupler (Squib Coupler) needs replacing, although when I press either of the horn buttons I hear no click (no relay, so not sure what it could be), regardless the previous owner had installed a horn button, I don't really like this as usually you need the horn in a emergency and I'm not going to let go of the steering wheel to press the button, but the current horn sounds like a clown nose, so at least it will sound decent when I do need it.
Hood Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Vehicle Bumper

I also need to change the windscreen due to a chip, I can get brand new OEM glass through my insurance for £75 so I will do this, in all fairness the glass is very scratched so wouldn't mind a new one anyway!

I would also like the OEM Mesh Windbreak, they are getting harder to come by and the ones that are available are getting pricey, so we shall see, but at 6"4', my hair does get pretty windswept!

As mentioned in Part 1, I am a bit of an audiophile, so a speaker change may come soon, I may even make a guide to help contribute towards the community.

A mod that looks very interesting but I'm a bit hesitant is an automatic boot release, this is great for rainy days and opening for passengers, as at the moment I need to turn of the engine, get out and unlock the boot, I'm looking at this one (Automatic Boot Lid Release). If you have any experience with this or similar, please let me know how you got on.

I would like a set of original 12 spoke alloys, if anyone has any of these going, please let me know.

Another change I have read about is adding springs to the seat to add some depth over the metal hooks that are factory fitted, I'm 6"4' so any extra space is very much welcome, if anyone has done this, please let me know you thought and whether you think it is worth the money and time.

My goals was to make as many small changes and improvements as I can but still keeping as cheap as possible and close to the original, I have spent in total just shy of £400, however the largest of the costs were the headlight and tracking which were definitely worth the money, just based on the safety aspects alone!

If anyone else has any cheap or easier tips / hacks, I would love to hear them, thank you all for reading!

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Wow! you have been BUSY!! As regards screenwash. I did a "how "to a few months ago, but you really need to get the reservoir out to clean it and backflush the pipes. not sure how to give you a link but a search on "screenwash" should get you there.
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