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Hi, lol dont know if this is off topic or what.. but it never ceases to surprise me how a few thousand miles away in china where MGs are still being manufactured they have huge stockpiles of parts.

yet none / barely any make it to the UK, where the company originated from in the first place... and where probably more MG reside than in china.

only saying, because ive been after a new hose set,

as it goes.

Rimmer Bros, none... Brown and Gammons, none.. nor did a few other places have any... everyone says on back order.. no idea when stock is available.

which led me to,

been looking on there repeatedly for months.. and surprise surprise.. first of all.. only place it was available was in HOLLAND!.. and again surprise surprise they must know the demand, as they had put a premium on the part making it £50 something.. when usually around £38.. plus postage on top of course lol.

then.. some turned up.. in Italy... again no good.

Then Chippenham.. but i phoned them after a few days and apparently it had been brought in from another dealer for a customer.. who knows which dealer lol because they sure as anything wasnt showing on that website.

then recently, Bristol Street Motors showed 1 in stock... so I snapped that up luckily.. lol but what surprised me was the date on the bag.


so, if it was manufactured.. or at least packaged on that date, where have these dealers magically been managing to just "find" this stock which isnt showing up as even being available.

its like 1 minute they dont have it, the next they do lol.. like pulling a rabbit out of a hat... wonder if Xpart have a giant skip somewhere.. and dealers just go raiding it... ah hah!.. ive found something.

Its obviously not newly manufacturered stock... and I suspect after a few months of not being available the part will be listed as "No longer available"

just dont get why some of these parts.. they are still being used so why the heck not ship them over?.. they managed to ship the parts to build a few more TF at longbridge in kit form lol so surely spare parts arent impossible.
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The TF in China is all but dead by the way now...

I visited a dealer in Beijing 2 weeks ago and there was not a mention anywhere of the TF... no leaflets, no cars, nothing.... it simply didn't take off.

So I guess there are probably a lot less spares than we think over there.

All they were interested in was the new MG6 (which looked very nice up close), the MG7 (ZT) and the MG3 Streetwise (which looked as crap as it did when it was just the Streetwise!).
Caterpillar in Desford, Leicestershire, is the parts distribution centre for all MG/Rover parts and supply all Xpart centres. They will any Chinese parts.....if there are any available. A lot of the Chinese parts are not compatible with non Chinese TF's
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