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MG Monthly UK Registrations

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This thread is to discuss, and make guesses about, MG monthly registrations in the UK which are generally on the up - but how much?

I'm not the only fan of MGs who's not here as often as they used to be and I don't think we have the quorum any more to run a separate thread for each month, but if we have a thread with no month in the title, then anyone can start the ball rolling for subsequent months and update the summary of who has guessed what in their own post.
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Don't think February 2022 (911) was a very good month at all though March 2021 was 3956.

There's a big backlog of orders but lorryloads of MGs are getting through.

I'm going to go stupid high for fun this month - 8,081 which would be more than the entire year 2015 when I bought mine plus the entire year 2016!

Who will MG outsell? I'll say Peugeot and Nissan (individually lol). Vauxhall and even Ford had better look out... if not now, then soon.
4041 then I'll halve yours and I think that might be optimistic tbh.

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And we're off!

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patpending 8,081
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Wow, that is a big one! I'll be a bit more cautious I think and float in a gentle 5026.
You wouldn't be historically very low at all to guess that supply issues have been affecting sales! A few days for guessing yet.

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patpending 8,081
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I'll join in and go for 6561
Hello AlfaMack and :welcome: (to Once of the most exciting times in the last 20 years to join an MG website, even if all message boards are but pale shadows of their previous selves.
Numbers published on Tuesday.
I'm gonna call it and say GNU wins, just got a feeling, or I need a pee maybe

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My guess this month is 10,775
And I thought I was going for the moon on a stick with only two years' sales in a single month! but that;s more than the entire years 2016+2015+2014!
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oh well, I'll sort that largest to smallest another day... ;)
Maple have just announced total MG Motor UK Q1 sales of 13,771 meaning M3 sales are a massive 9,300! Which would suggest I was nearest by about 200 cars.... what a huge order backlog there must be!
Still waiting for the figures at 10am.

  • New car registrations decline -14.3% to 243,479 units – the weakest March since 1998, before the UK went to two annual number plate changes – as supply chain shortages constrain deliveries.
  • Best ever month for battery electric vehicles with 78.7% growth to 39,315 units, while all electrified vehicles account for one in three registrations.
  • March decline results in overall Q1 registrations fall of -1.9% despite rollback of pandemic restrictions.
Indeed, why don't you play the guessing game, Mattykan? They were just starting to load the figures as I posted but I got called away.
Official month sales of 9,367 mean I am 1,286 under and Dave is 1,408 over, so that was really quite close!
MG beat all the First Division teams but would need another 1,000 sales a month to mix it at the bottom of the Premier League with Nissan, Peugeot, and Hyundai (the latter being on a roll themselves so probably uncatchable). Tesla have no separate listing but are about as successful as MG (very!) as Model 3 and Model Y are frequently top ten cars. Ford sqyeaked a win for the month over Kia but for Q1 Kia is the clear leader over Ford and then B*W, Toyota, Audi and Volkswagen.
During March MG registered 194 more than Jaguar Land Rover..shame they arenot manufacturing in the UK
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