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Hi All,

I had added this to the end of my last post which talked about the delivery experience of this car, but thought it better to have a specific thread on the topic, especially as there is not yet a HS forum area.

So, we've had the HS now for just over 3 months, covered 2k miles (would've done more, but for obvious reasons we haven't really been out much)

The fit and finish of the car is really very good, excellent in some places and not just 'excellent for the price' - just excellent at any price. The materials in the cabin feel as good 3 months in as they initially appeared - It still surprises me how well they finished the cabin - soft-touch in all the right places and we've had no squeaks, rattles, creaks or anything at all - even in the hot weather - something we expected at least a bit of noise from the sunroof - alas, not! all very good. It took MG far too long to address cabin quality but they seem to have jumped light years ahead in just one model - this bodes really well for new models in the future (from what I can see, the ZS is about to get a bit of an upgrade in the cabin area with the new facelift and MG seem to be teasing its release in the UK soon)

The seats remain very comfortable, and far, far nicer to sit in than the plastic covered ZS seats in our other car - the lumbar support is a very, very welcome addition too and seat and wheel adjusted is good - the wheel could adjust a little bit more for reach but it's certainly moved the game on from the rigid wheels of the 3/GS and ZS. Entry to the car from all doors, including boot is good, wide openings and a quality feel to the handles and a reassuring 'thump' on closing.

Paintwork and exterior fitments all very good, the paint (Brixton Blue) is deep and glossy, looks great in the flesh but not as 'blue' as, say, the ZS blue - in some lights it can take on a more turquoisey appearance (but me and the other half argue about this and they remind me I'm a tad colour blind....)

The ride and handling is - decent - neither good nor bad, it is mostly settled on a variety of road surfaces but sharp bumps do reveal a slightly less resolved chassis/set-up than something from a price bracket above - but this is really no surprise and it doesn't feel under-engineered in most situations. We have a ZS too and the HS feels worlds ahead in terms of refinement on the road, with far less road noise, engine noise and a more supple ride. The engine feels perky enough and rarely feels underpowered, which the (obviously very different) 1.0T Auto in the ZS can - We also have the DCT and mostly it is pretty smooth in standard driving mode, the gear selector feels and looks really good quality - a shame they didn't go down the route of the rotary selector used in the EV models but at this price, that was probably expecting a bit much (the EV will be entirely electronic and I presume the ICE version would need a fair bit more tech to achieve a rotary style approach).

The HS comes with everything in terms of driver aids and safety kit - emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, rear cross traffic alert, pedestrian recognition, speed sign recognition, lane keep assist (with auto steer) blind spot detection, etc, etc, etc - it's amazing at the price, when considering that even the entry model has all of this (except adaptive cruise) All of the safety features work well (bar one major general issue - which I'll come onto later) - I especially like full PILOT mode on the Motorway (but more on this later, again) - of course, it's not auto-pilot - but it's not far off in my view and whole stretches of motorway can be tackled with a real sense of confidence that the system will keep you at the right speed, the right distance and in the right lane!

I'd strongly recommend buying this car, and if you're looking at a ZS, I'd seriously consider stretching yourself a bit more and going for the HS.
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