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Had mine since 2016 and had none of your issues. The only thing I needed changing (twice) by the dealer due to fault was the rear parking sensors. I had some dash rattle since I had my windscreen changed but a rubber trim I found online to go in the gap between the dash and windscreen have now sorted the rattle issue. The car does have a stiff suspension which was very noticeable on my first test drive but for me coming from a ZS180, this is nothing.
Hello all, Bought my MG Gs September 2017, had few problems with the sat nav display system, “freezing”. Been told software issue, didn’t solve the problem despite the software upgrade by the company. The car is too bumpy in town as if there is no suspension at all. And I can feel the car rattling when going over a pothole for example. And to complete the problems the steering wheel rod is faulty. Awaiting the spare part. Very low mileage 3000 . Any one had those problems? Thanks
Sat nav , freezing, press and hold down ON OFF button on radio, For 15 seconds, that will reboot it , ok
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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