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MG badges?

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Any one replaced theirs? mine are getting very tatty the laminate has come off both and they are starting to get stone chipped. just wondering how much these things cost and i take it its a dealer only part?
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get them changed under warranty, If you are still covered, otherwise they crop up on Ebay, and I believe Mike Satur sells them. They are not expensive iirc, £10-£15.
Ebay is a good place to look as you can normally find a set on there for around a tenner.

Rob25 said:
Ebay is a good place to look as you can normally find a set on there for around a tenner.

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nah pete its a 51 plate so not much hope there looks like ebay for me... thanks guys
3 year warranty on my TF so check your's to be certain.
nope its deffinatley out.
Just looked at my badge it's a gonna oh well they have to fix it while they install my roll hoops!
yep kinda cheeply made... check the back one too mate mine are both [email protected]ked
I had mine changed under warranty, dont think there that expensive for MGR direct.
bought mine from a dealer - it cost 10 notes for the rear one.
Take care if you are replacing badges yourself, especially the front one which is inset on T.F. The trick is to use a thin piece of plastic to protect paintwork while you prise badge away with paint stripping knife. This was a tip given to me by local body repairer. Front one though is a bu--er! I cut mine in half with sharp chisel and worked from middle outwards. It's difficult not to avoid slight damage to plastic grill underneath badge but this will not show. If you still have warranty, better to use it rather than slip with knife!! Bought mine from dealers think they were about a tenner each.
fishing line behind the badge will get it off. Use a hair dryer on ot to soften the glue first
Got mine done on warranty .... My car is an 03 and all was fine with the front and rear ..... its a common fault so no worries. :)
Are the replacement badges any better, or are they going to go the same way in two years time?
they are exactly the same,and you can expect around 18 months life time from them.

Thanks to the thieving scum round my way :mad: , after the weekend I am now missing my front and rear badges which were removed with a screwdriver.

The front isn't too bad but the rear has a big scratch mark where the screwdriver has been rammed in to remove the badge.

I've been quoted by Phoenix Northampton £24.17 (inc. VAT) for the front badge and £16.33 (inc. VAT) for the rear badge. Why the difference in price for the badges I have no idea as I assume they are exactly the same?

I guess I'm off to check ebay, but if anyone else has any tips for getting new badges for cheaper than this please let me know.


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well i just picked mine up from the local MG dealer. there the same front and rear part number DAB000160 £9.78 i dont know what you,ve been quoted on rob but it obviously ain't the right part.
Thanks for that.

I'll get back in touch with Phoenix and see what they're talking about!
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