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MG 16" Alloys

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Ive got a set of 4 16" MG Alloys with tyres for sale. Will fit 25/45/ZR/ZS. They come with all nuts, including the mg locking nuts and a brand new locking nut key.

They come with Michelin Pilot Primacy Tyres (size 205/50/16) two of which have 3mm tread and two have 5mm of tread.

The two rims with 3mm have some kurb damage around the rim (not done by me id like to add ;) ) and the two rims with 5mm tread are in very good condition, no kurbing.

These would be a great set for spares..... update the rover or for track days! Plenty of life in the tyres of which new ones would cost £200+

Looking for £120 -ish.... pm me with offers

Collection from Lancs area or willing to meet half way for petrol money if in reasonable distance


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i'm interested but will you be able to send them by courier as i live quite far from you
Hi mate, havent really got the means to send 4 wheels.. but would travel halfway if that helps? (M1 area) Thanks
not even if i'll pay for postage and packaging, if not then i'll have to look elsewhere
PM'd .... can pick up no problem if you still have them

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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