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MG 1 registration number

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Does anyone know who finally bought the number MG 1?
It was sold a couple of years ago on an MGB GT to a cherished numbers dealership, who went on to advertise it at about £250k.
I assume that they sold it, as it is no longer being advertised.
How many members here, have their own cherished number?
Believe it or not, someone has just paid a staggering £500k for a plate.
Check this thread to get an insight into the sort of money changing hands.
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My missus has put her plate on the car it has JES at the end. I want to change it so its got both of us on it.

If you go on the DVLA website, you can chose a plate and view it on a car i.e. on an MG ZS. Some of the best plates come up with 'to be auctioned soon' which basically means 'you cant afford it'.
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