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MG 1 registration number

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Does anyone know who finally bought the number MG 1?
It was sold a couple of years ago on an MGB GT to a cherished numbers dealership, who went on to advertise it at about £250k.
I assume that they sold it, as it is no longer being advertised.
How many members here, have their own cherished number?
Believe it or not, someone has just paid a staggering £500k for a plate.
Check this thread to get an insight into the sort of money changing hands.
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Like it! Nice car too - is that another turbo of yours behind it too?
Yes it is ~ towing car attached by A-Frame which I have to use now that some plonker stole my twin axle trailer. ( a pox on him and his issue for three generations! ), Here is the pair from another angle when I took a break on the foul weather journey when I collected it from deep in the Welsh valleys on Tuesday afternoon.

This is how the A-frame works ~ the towed car steers itself ~ but you must have the key in it with the steering unlocked, car in neutral and handbrake off. Very useful.

Here's another 620ti being towed by my silver Monty with my much missed twin axle trailer. I'm always checking other trailers ~ I hope tp spot my stolen one one day ...:

Crikey how did someone manage to steel your trailer? Thats a damn shame - not cheap either? ~ scum these days. That A frame looks good - how much does one set you back may I ask? I think it would be a good thing to have as I havnt the space for a big trailer here.

By the way when you say you picked up that 620 turbo tuesday afternoon - is this a recent tuesday? a new car?

Nice monty turbo there - still going of course?
Yes, Tuesday 16th ~ two days ago when the Heavens opened up in the Gloucester Welsh Borders area.

This is what it looked like before the rains came on Tuesday:

I got the A-Frame off ebay from the specialist who makes them and supplies the well known car recovery agencies according to the description. They usually go for about 200 to 220 quid, rarely less. Soon pays for itself. If you get one, DO take things easy until you are familiar with what it can and CAN'T do. Trailers and articulated vehicle towing is a skill which only comes with progressive experience. Like all articulated vehicle set-ups, it is possible to 'Jack Knife' whilst towing with an A-Frame. Take it easy until you're familiar with the way these things work.

Yes, the Monty Turbo is still going strong but is on SORN at the moment. I started it up today and ran it for a little while, just to keep its juices from stagnating.
Looks to be in tidy condition. Whats she like mechanicly?

Advice taken on the A frame - I wont be using it just at the moment if I get one as I havnt yet passed my test, but my dad would use it for me. Project cars etc.

Its a shame when there on SORN isnt it - theres my dads 1998 Rover 416 sitting on the drive on SORN at the moment and I hate to see it just sat there. On the other hand I dont want to see it sold.
I have relied on those folks at Swansea to send reminder for my various cars on SORN. ( I currently have three cars taxed ~ can only drive one) Swansea have faile dto do so on TWO Occasions ~ each costing me 40 quid for cars that have NOT seen any road use for over four years!!
ahaaa - now im not sure with all the DVLA/lisencing etc. but this sounds just like what happened with my car. Back in july I picked up a vauxhall astra cheap, my dad done the paper work. Anyway the car hasnt been used on the road since the day I bought it, the mot has run out as has the tax. A few weeks ago my dad recieved a letter from the DVLA basicly saying we might have been using the vehicle on the road, and that we have to pay a fine of £40 before a certain date otherwise it'll go up to £80, or prove them wrong.

Of course you cant get through to anyone on the phone, they dont want to know. So we had to print out pictures of the said vehicle clearly showing a engine bay thats not complete - so no way would the car run......also took a picture of the drive showing all of the cars and their registration numbers - so they can see that all of the cars are either road legal, or the rover - declared SORN, and attached the pictures to a letter my dad had wrote.

Got a letter back saying we would still have to pay the £40 fine. Cant argue with them.
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