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I am very sad that MG Rover are in administration. While I have never been in the position to buy a new car if I were I would have bought a Rover 75 anytime, it is the most beautiful car ever it would be a shame if no more were made.

I have sent the following message to Tony Blair via Number 10's website:

Dear Prime Minister,
I'm sure you will agree it is very sad news that MG Rover have gone into administration.
What I do not understand is why you have not ordered all police forces to buy MG Rover products instead of BMWs or Volvos for example? In France the police use French cars and in Italy they use Italian cars so why couldn't this country support it's last remaining British owned mass car producer buy buying British? I think the police would get more respect by driving MGs or Rovers than BMWs.

Also I do not like to see government ministers and members of the royal family on national TV driving around in Vauxhall Omegas or other German cars when they could be promoting British products by driving Rover 75s.

This government should have encouraged people to buy British MG Rover products.

Sorry but I will not be voting Labour because you do not stand up for this country and are quite happy for British manufacturing to disappear or be bought out by foreign companies.
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