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Mellow Exterior Now Finished.

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Some may remember I did a Poll few months back after Lee gave me the idea back when I had my new wheels put on.

Anyway's I said what ever the Poll dictated I would do.

Yellow Stripe on Black wheels won.

and OMG I am so pleased it did.

Im really pleased with the outcome.

The exterior is now finished all bar a front end respray

Onto the interior next spring :D

:wooman: :hyper::hyper:
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Yep, glad you did, subtle lines but realy finishes it off :broon:
Makes the black vents not seem so out of place lol
The yellow line on the black wheels is a nice touch:broon:
Looking good dan any plans for the interior?
Oh yes Don. whole lot leather with yellow stitching
Looking good dan any plans for the interior?

wrong question Don :lol:.... he's been waiting for Mr Pigeon post to arrive with something
Mellow is looking fantastic.. Love the wheels :)
I'm not a huge fan of yellow but that is one fine looking F Squeaks,well done!
that really brings it all together...looking good Dan! :trophy:
I think it's far too fussy. Too much black and yellow going on for my taste, but I am a one colour kind of guy.
I like it :broon:

It breaks it up, but brings it altogether at the same time (I know what I mean :lol:)
That really sets it off Dan :broon:

I noticed at the Renault Silverstone event, a lot of the Clio's and Twingo's (being sold new) had Wolfrace wheels with colour around the rim. They looked great. Very 'In Vogue'
I lead.......others follow.....nice job Dan :broon:
I really like the wheels. The yellow stripe round the rim really sets them off well. Overall the yellow everywhere is a little too much for me but i'm not normally a fan of brightly coloured cars.
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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