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Hi, I need help with my new MG ZST 2021 MG Wagon Excite. Serial number 10254535
No one here in Australia can fix my problem after seeing several dealers.

The problem is when stationary at traffic lights with my foot on the brake, the revs increase to 3k +
And the car starts to jerk forwards. This happens even when Auto Hold is engaged.
Also sometimes all the displays go blank. Lose the screen on the center display.

Now 2 new issues are showing. When I drive over a speed bump, there is an electronic beep being emitted. With the displays, the auto gear indicator position wouldn’t change they stayed in the park mode even when the gear stick was moved. The correct position was indicated on the dashboard. Also, when standing next to the car and pushing the door lock to open the door, nothing happens. Must use a remote to open doors.

Everything seems to relate to an Electrical or Computer problem. Could the ECU be faulty?
Unfortunately, because no error code is displayed when I take the unit back for service, it's always sorry no fault found.
If this is a new fault it might not be generating a fault code. Overall, I’m extremely disappointed with the safety of this vehicle.
Kind Regards,
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