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lots of smoke. help plz!

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hi all.
ive recently noticed smoke and just wondered what could be the problem?
as i drive in 1st 2nd and 3rd there is a fair amount of white/blue smoke and sometimes a puff of black in 4th and 5th i still get smoke but not as much. it also smells really toxic not like it used to, this has been happening for about a week and i do drive daily.
its not down on power still the same, as far as i can tell.
i went to see a mechanic (brother of a friend) he said it could be the piston rings, how likely could this be?
shes done 101000ish mile had cambelt done at 90k and service at 98k any ideas?
please list the possibilitys it could be and i will check them one by one!
any help appriciated. thanks.
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dodgy injector? somethings causing the fuel not to burn properly anyway
personally i doubt it to be piston rings. Is there smoke all the time or only on boost? Could be turbo seals?
Could be the turbo oil seals giving up..? This would cause blue smoke.
when its idleing its whiteyblue smoke and under normal driving its blue and the odd puff of black smoke when pulling off etc. when i give it some its black and some blue. i dont know where to start looking so any advice will be great thanks.
Try going for a quick spin with the intercooler hose disconnected, your performance will suffer but see if the smokes any different?
ok ive disconnected the intercooler hose and drove around for 10 mins there was still some blueish smoke but alot less when the hose was on.
when i came to replace the hose i noticed oil in my vacume hose
(i have a clear one for my boost gauge) just befor the t-piece so im now thinking turbo oil seals what do you think?
Sounds like it to me bud. I'd a definite diagnosis though... Still if ur into tuning it's a good excuse to get a hybrid turbo ;)
It does sound like it - I run clear vacuum hose like you for the boost line but despite their being some oil in the inlet side normally, mine hasn't really gone oily.

I think yours might be on the way out i'm afraid. But you might not be the only one, my 400's smokescreening a bit at the moment! (Perfect excuse for a hybrid maybe!)
The vacuum pipe having oil in it isn't anything to pay much attention to, mine was full of the stuff.

Check the air filter is still intact, and see if the smoke is either blue or grey. Blue is oil smoke (likely source is the turbo). Grey is fuel and the likely source is a sticking injector or serious engine problems (but you'd notice engine probs as the performance would be lousy).
ok so its the turbo then if im to buy a new one or a hybrid what should i look for
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