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Not long ago, a friend came back from the British study, told me that in the Cambridge Business School classroom, teachers say the one-China case : Shanghai Automobile acquisitions Luo fu intellectual property is business intelligence. I have repeatedly asked, has said South steam? No. I think this matter can indirectly on some issues.
Some friend studying in the UK said the teacher said SAIC buying the IP was good business but said nothing about Nanjing even after repeated questions.
Having been a student in the "Cambridge Business School classroom" last year (though before Nanjing bought the MGR assets), I can say that very often, case studies presented to students (such as this one, presumably) are very much simplified to try to make a point, often leaving out a lot of details and other background information.

I'd guess that this is what has happened in this case: the SAIC/MGR case study will be presented alongside other recent Chinese-Western business deals and proposed deals (e.g. Lenovo/IBM, CNOOC/Unocal). The aim will be to raise the issue of Chinese interests buying Western assets rather than a detailed treatment of specific deals. In addition, the lecturer is unlikely actually to have kept up with the Nanjing story since (without reading this thread!) not many people have done.

I know if I'd been in the lecture I'd have been the first to raise my hand and point out that the situation was a lot more complex than presented, but whenever I did that before I was usually rebuked for introducing unnecessary details! One guy lecturing about Western companies outsourcing manufacture to India wasn't aware of the CityRover, and didn't believe me when I mentioned it.

In the long term a generation of business school types educated via over-simplified case studies (such as the Harvard ones that are very widely distributed) may actually be a problem for international relations - just as if the same approach were taken in teaching history or politics.

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MG Rover accessories export to Europe

At 14:23 on June 8, 2006

Four containers were delivered to Nanjing terminal accessories

Nanjing terminal, awaiting shipment of containers Christopher accessories

Four containers lifting loading accessories

[streetrover - this is repeated text]

June 6, Southern Company of Four (MG), the first European exports accessories, to mark its internationalization strategy made solid progress. On the same day, commercial buildings in the Southern Company held a grand ceremony exports.

The export of spare parts, fuel-Four South (MG) in the assimilation and integration of advanced international technology as a first step, but also of its internationalization strategy, an important sign. Since purchasing power companies and the British mg rover assembly companies, the Southern Company group carried out extensive international cooperation, implementation of international strategies and resources matching stock. Through accessories exports from the south city gas (MG) for high efficiency, internationalization operation, and established the first stable profit point in the realization of the domestic and international markets, the process of strategic objectives and taken a big step forward.

In the project to establish the first anniversary of the South Company of Four (MG) will be exported to parts known to strict quality testing of the European automobile market, indicating that not only resolute Southern Company acquired all the assets of mg rover companies and technologies, ability to digest a world-class automobile manufacturing technology. Acquisitions assets has the world's most advanced research and development, production equipment and technical and international brands, including the 4507 Taiwan (sets) production equipment, which Hanzhuang, assembly production lines, research and development facilities, 1,338 emission testing systems, engine test systems and processing center equipment at the advanced international level. Southern Company name Christopher (MG) at an alarming rate international absorption of advanced technologies, and gradually mastered the mg rover advanced manufacturing technology and quality certification standards, from March to June, the first project based accessories exports, in a short three months on creating a pure mg rover accessories.

Upon inspection, the first in stamping accessories, Hanzhuang, painting and finished fields are expected to reach or exceed the original mg rover standards. Achieving exports of the European accessories, said South steam-Four (MG) production accessories quality European car industry has been recognised.

The export of spare parts to supply the majority of European users MG Rover, which make up the mg rover bankruptcy left no one to follow-up after the service gaps, South steam-Four (MG) with concrete actions demonstrated he is a responsible attitude towards internationalization Motor Corporation, This also indirectly proved as orthodox heritage of the mg brand spirit and the sense of mission responsible.

The mg rover accessories exports sounded the south of city gas (MG) internationalization bugle while Subsequently, the Southern Company Christopher (MG) will be a series of moves internationalization, the scope will cover the export of spare parts, components, engine assembly and manufacturing. Southern Company name Christopher (MG), the use of the mg brand, access to the European market, effectively circumvented the risk of lowering the threshold of access to international markets and develop cost. And the success of the first accessories exports and high-quality products, but also for the subsequent series of products into the international market using lay a solid foundation and a good reputation.

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Big UK exclusive Interview with our MG Project director - Zhang Xin.
Seems that Mr Zhang likes to talk!
Hope you enjoy it, it took a bit of translating...

Go its own way with the MG project director Zhang Xin Southern Company At 15:31 on June 8, 2006 Tengxun car

Southern Company MG project director Zhang Xin

Reporter : Southern Company acquisition mg rover reasons?

Zhang Xin : first, because we have always South steam style -- to go our own way, say his own words. Industry and lay persons with the purchase of MG Rover, why others failed? Or that the process is not completed? Families are families of reasons. For South steam speaking, I often use the family analogy, this is like finding a spouse. Some people find a very beautiful wife, why not find other people? This is a personal factors. Southern Company has two core success factors.

First, the Southern Company and mg rover have solid historical origins. Back in the 10 years before the two sides on a technical level exchanges. Mg rover then expressed hope and our cooperation. Our technical cooperation in the exchange of very strong desire. But because in the era of the planned economy, so this "love" the process was bound by certain conditions, including no operational control of mg rover shareholders? Strong desire for cooperation. As a result of the absence of "first love." In 2003 when the British company mg rover demonstrated interest in Chinese enterprises, the Southern Company for the first time to tell them a direct and broad exchange of both technical level, there are areas of manufacturing level. In the course of exchange, the two sides understand each other better enterprise culture, business team, including their contribution to the state, the role of history and historical status. We are also fully aware of their overall strength. We also allow them to understand the history, the South gas starting in 1947, Taiwan in 1958 to begin production of the first light trucks in Vietnam assistance, aid to the country's construction, assistance in Shaanxi gas, domestic assistance are among the many automobile industry played a role. South historical accumulation of gas, including the Southern Company with mg rover has amazing style similar! Mg rover brand development, Austin (Aosaiding) plants and gas development process is similar. The two sides are like two old friends, recalling their path of development found in many similar and produced two cultures resonance. We can say in the process of acquiring mg rover is a natural, secure form a contrast, in central and acquisitions have played key role.

The second reason is the success of our Southern Company people work style. Southern steam in the automotive industry expects nearly 60 years, we can understand the pain of a bankrupt enterprise. Mg rover spirit of the original content and business process feelings touched us, so we had all the absorption and transmission. Southern Company's acquisition programme is to absorb all of his assets, rather than selective. Therefore, the results are often already in the process doomed. Bankruptcy is the British government, and companies linked to mg rover enterprises, love all MG Rover, to conduct a silent Southern Company recognized these we can feel. We Birmingham and the local government to establish good relations, and vehicle certification testing plant, motor management, and environmental protection departments, Birmingham city planning has maintained a good relationship. We feel that the entire acquisition process very smooth. Southern Company was actually on mg rover cultural understanding his culture and r
espect for the asset team, the inevitable result of our success.

Reporter : Ford , Braemar Mg rover has been involved in, but are not successful, the South gas acquisitions mg rover how to avoid mistakes will be?

Zhang Xin : on this issue we must first understand a few concepts, BMW joined the British MG Rover, the company hopes its management, develop. He hoped to use the British market, with the British car godfather enterprises and the advanced nature of the mg Rove advantage of the company's profits and development. But such a large management companies, especially multi-function products, and this historical accumulated by the management of customary use new models and new concepts to impact more evident. If for Southern Company for the management of mg rover companies, we will encounter the same difficulties and BMW.

But South gas companies and acquisitions MG Rover BMW entry is completely different. Southern Company will have his type of asset and non-asset-based, including equipment, management culture, brand, which we believe useful things, buy back China, the only remaining part of the United Kingdom. Motor soil our operation in China, I think there is success, I was very confident. Because we are very familiar with China's automobile market, China's car sales familiar with the laws and regulations that are familiar with Chinese users. Our success is built on the concept of China's social foundation.

Many of the equipment we are purchasing BMW building at the time of investment, they had invested 30 billion. This investment can not be simply calculated by the exchange rate, in fact, BMW considerable investment in MG Rover, the production line is 360,000 vehicles will be off. Mg rover bankruptcy several reasons : first, management costs are too high. Second, the product range is too rich for internal management is a huge pressure. Third internal management system is too complex. Management costs were too great. At its 1200 R & D personnel, and the entire company before 6000, the huge human costs of research and development is very great.

Mg rover bankruptcy not because products are not sophisticated, nor is the quality, but the cost of administration, human resources, cost too much. Through our four engines platform Sigang machine, which is rare in the domestic automobile companies. Sigang plane for us is a historic challenge is not domestic. But these engines are Europe III, IV standards Europe, a Europe four have got two certificates; Through the acquisition, we have four cars at a company platform, which is rare in the country. A company with a platform for using the very prosperous.

Reporter : Southern Company will acquire the assets back, the introduction of new products and the ability to innovate is to keep up with? And the need to innovate how to solve talent? New product follow-up question is resolved?

Zhang Xin : In China, the technical team is fiercely competitive, but the Southern Company has its own advantages that rely on our own development. Southern Company name Christopher (MG) technical director Wu Ming, 82 years of professional car university students from 86 years has been involved in numerous car project in the South has experienced a number of car-gas type. He drove the 1,338-introduction and for the overall success of China is responsible for market research, and to 1,338 in concept to concept cars to complete the model car to the entire body design, manufacturing and the vehicle chassis is equipped with rich experience. This technical director, I am assured. Huyonghua MG-7 is responsible for the products. Was Nanjing Fiat car products works ministers, heads of Fiat product series very understanding 1,338 is very understanding. Seapower successful realization Nanjing 225,000 for the entire series type player. Which is great, because not one-type vehicles, but a series of three high, five wh
eelbase. He is now doing our name Christopher (MG) for the brand. So there is a group of early lead on the strength of our own relatively strong. These people are deeply immersed in the culture of Southern Company, usually did not play on its own may have more stringent requirements. We also have body control and electronic experts team. Southern Company is one reason why our old industrial enterprises, is a technical reserves groups. Because we were able to South steam Christopher (MG) in short form a strong leadership team to mobilize. We also absorb British technology, culture, and we have engines, cars, electronics, and other teams in the United Kingdom.

Engine is related to our key to the success of the project, engine team leader is former South steam engine plant Yang, general manager of Sun Hong Kan, Nanjing Fiat some of the core technical staff is also the team, then the team mg rover people plus people, a time of the run-in, particularly after the operation, certainly achievements.

We had a failure in the engine and 1,338 in the experience, which is something we treasure. Southern Company in the historical development, some cars are difficulties. These difficulties for us now that it is now using the tight schedule, the task is particularly important to bear in the project, which has not experienced the person is not a complete failure. It's like a child without a fall or does not grow. To completed this project, the first is to establish the four cars in South Chong advantages basis. Second, it is necessary to establish the enterprise culture in the team's outstanding advantages over the others. 3 is built on the foundation of the Nanjing Fiat, the production of cars because they have the experience. Nanjing Fiat technical superiority and production experience, they also sent a large number of technical personnel to support the project, we will be fully applied in this project this advantage. Four from the United Kingdom is based on the absorption of advanced technology products platform edge.

This months running down, I think these four advantages, we use the good internal to Datong , and minor differences, the advantages of a team.

Reporter : China market competition so fierce, how to survive in the market, the market is to the south of city gas (MG) much space and areas?

Zhang Xin : this is our team a frequent topic of discussion. Discussions quantity, quality, comprehensive national strength and to what evaluation criteria, MG Rover, the number of companies likely than However BMW Toyota , but BMW will introduce in the first row of the automobile industry, and even can be said to be on one. I have management experience Nanjing truck companies, truck companies in Nanjing as a platform inside a narrow, but profit levels, the overall quality of the staff, technical skills in the light truck products are among the enterprises. I have to fight Prices Warfare, but also the anguish, but finally conquer my rational enterprise content conquest, have followed their own path of steady development, to become a century-old store, we must uphold the quality of priority. - Four (MG) in the Chinese auto industry is content with its place of protection.

Reporter : next-Four (MG) will launch its competitors is the scope of what? TF racing bike timetable?

Zhang Xin : this topic and I can direct you said, next year we will definitely be the best vehicles, the most desirable car dedication to users. As when dedicated, I have a timetable on March 27 next year is the anniversary of the Southern Company, and we hope to have one of our own language using the state to meet and users. But delivery must reach all 32,790 users to design standards must let the user satisfaction. We can not fail, we do not allow failure in the quality of the above, we will continue the evaluation of the components of each assessment, continuous assessment of 32,790. In the first time, we will sacrifice the best cars, a car is seven. The most desirable car is our racing bike, and now all the domestic racing bike concept, but also a not very thorough understanding, the city (MG) can give you a racing bike concept. We in the United Kingdom to resume racing bike is the first step of the production, this is our spot.

Reporter : South steam-Christopher (MG) How do brands?

Zhang Xin : first why we will be brand name Christopher (MG). This is the acquisition of the mg brand, the history of his research conducted its entire development process of analysis, we found that he is from the concept of the repair works to enhance the concept of big industry, big industry and then in the middle, and is a technical lead for the advanced nature of the refining, the process is a difficult process. We have a deeper understanding of British gentleman, we put him into a modern gentleman image processing, the car is quite in its every detail to study it, as a works of art. The former Department of cars, trucks, including Instrument panels that are made with a style very deep impression. He is the best modern acting interpretation conducive to the spread of brand, but very image.

Reporter : So what have on this brand culture? For example the city (MG) College such a cultural industry?

Zhang Xin : 1,338 for a new company we are to revitalize the auto industry. But auto industry alone automobile manufacturing industry alone, we must have the features of the times, a time mark. This requires that all management concepts, the development vision and norms of behaviour, unity and identity. So to build a name Christopher (MG) College in the United Kingdom is to let everyone in the vehicle of civilization and learning from China's car culture process. A mature company, must be the basis of advantages in attracting others can continually progress and move forward. This is our starting point, we must ensure quality to be technologically advanced, the team must have high-quality, high-caliber team among enterprises ethics, morality is the first staff. I now advocate is now on air from the south city (MG), hundreds of employees, first stresses moral qualities, it is the survival of our enterprise. Lack of expertise, can train; Lack of work experience, can accumulate, but it can not lack character.

I always liked to study and summarize the lessons, we were Christopher (MG) College is self-censorship of our management philosophy. Can adhere to do so, they will become an outstanding person, but will also become a modern show, the constant self-learning self-examination of all future will become a respected person. Automobile enterprises stress consistency Oh, we have to stress a staff character consistency.

Reporter : How do you explain the name Christopher (MG) concept, what grade cars?

Zhang Xin : his brand of core philosophy and my philosophy is the business counterpart. He is high-quality, but not necessarily high-quality high price. High quality embodied in many aspects. Why do I say modern looking clothes? Although I sometimes wear the uniforms, but also learn the quality of hours.

Reporter : There was also a question on the brand, the name Christopher (MG), after all, the accumulation of technical and cultural accumulation mainly English. We bought back, or to the development of many elements of British culture that we learn from the application of troops (MG) development, or our Chinese culture into account more? Because from the perspective of long-term development, how? Is to continue to send people to the United Kingdom to join in the learning culture of troops (MG) to the development of the? Because we not only maintain the value of the brand, there is a need innovation, how to understand this argument?

Zhang Xin : British car civilization you pass itself is a developing process, the absorption of us in the middle of the process, certainly much of our Chinese people, China Motor vehicle operators to understand and absorb our technical integration, and our quality management to absorb integration. Finally uphold the high quality requirements, to complete our own independent innovation, and we are now in the British design company, we are respected and their exchanges, the British company and we share a lot of Lotus, their engines in very great. I went to Britain to visit the Lotus company, he visited the design center, he is the engine of research, but also in the racing bike, a more in-depth. For example we in the United Kingdom to resume production, and we are Stepe (phonetic) Corporation. British companies also gives us a huge car purchase assets, but not the British have been a spark off the car, or some small car companies, the overall operation is good.

Reporter :-Four (MG) is a different brand?

Zhang Xin : Yes, the home brand, a brand.

Reporter : I asked a question, we are just summarize two aspects, one is upstream manufacturing, downstream marketing, I would like to ask about the midstream sector, focusing on institutional and distributor of brand building, because imports are large and all, I think this piece as a mister, you must have a very successful experience, Do you have a successful experience in the management of dealers can be transposed?

Zhang Xin : on the establishment of a dealer network that we have already started, but no outreach, the number of homes completed in this year we have a clear arrangement. But why we are very careful not to announce, including our internal operations, more rational, more low-key? This is because we hope that in the research and heritage of the British motor civilization do some solid. We sent batches of people to Britain to study, and hope that car shape to the original shape coincide vehicles, including the exhibition hall of the distributors style. More objective point is that I have been able to find a domestic I think I was very free, fully empowered vice chief, and I hope that on this issue in a more proper functioning.

Reporter : open up overseas markets in the course of the two ethnic culture can be integrated in the total is the marketing shop, for example, is not saying that the British specialty stores both China and we do not, or both English and Chinese are the same stores?

Zhang Xin : I think this is reflected on the role of development. We now and British design team is an exchange. In the United Kingdom, Spain dealers, they will have some local habits thinking that this habit of thinking we do not speculate, we reflect their advantages, we must have our Chinese name Christopher (MG) mark in the middle, which is what we are talking about principles. However expand sales and raise brand reputation for our common goals, so under such conditions, flexible business policy, the policy should be flexible investment behind our work should follow. So I do not agree with a single one way and dealers, this is the need to adjust according to region. One regional accustomed 2S, 3S some used, some customary separation plant shops, which I think we contact some dealers, or pretty big differences. Another model is underwriting, and is equivalent to our company, I whole package.

He needs my brand image, which can not be discussed. This is essential. You can not destroy me! After all, we are partners, meet user approach is every road leads to Rome, as long as we approach in the management of their own heartfelt feeling on the above!


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Just in case that wasn't enough reading for you, here is an update of the current project status:

Southern Company MG project investment 2.815 billion yuan Nanjing activated At 14:45 on June 8, 2006

Southern Company MG car project was used to purchase English MGR Southern Company (MG Luo trust company) and PTL (engine assembly companies) assets, and strengthen enterprise Self-development Capacity building and adjustment of product mix. The total investment in the 2.815 billion yuan in Nanjing Pukou High-Tech Development Zone, covers 1,080 acres, with a total construction area of 290,000 square metres, will produce 200,000 vehicles a 1,338, 250,000 engines and 100,000 transmissions Taiwan's production scale.

The project has been approved by the Jiangsu Provincial Policy on March 10 and adopted by the National Policy for the record. March 26, the Company identified in the South China letter "of troops" for the company's name and product brand cars, logo followed by the acquisition of the mg brand 1.80 lifetime. March 27, the city of South gas (MG) project in Pukou foundation-laying ceremony was held. At present nearly 300 Southern Company contracted with parts suppliers, the production part of the original supply of spare parts has begun Luo fu mg dealers. In the second half of this year, Southern Company acquired PTL (engine assembly Corporation) project will be the first production engine. Currently, staff training has been in full swing; Engineering documents digestion has begun; Internationalization team already in a highly efficient operation, including 80 expatriate staff; International sales distribution network has begun.

British mg Luo trust companies have a history of the internationally renowned car company, is the largest independent British car manufacturing company. July 2005 22 Southern Company successfully acquired mg Luo trust companies and the power companies all operating assets for the purchase of the assets on 1-4-3-1-1 :

"1" sets the integrity of research and development, production equipment. Production equipment for a total of 4,507 Taiwan (sets), including Hanzhuang, assembly production lines, research and development facilities, 1,338 emission testing systems, engine test systems and processing center.

"4" out of 1,338 production platforms. MG-7 department (luxury car), MG-5 department (Zhongjiche), MG-3 of (economic model) and MG-TF of (racing bike).

"3" - series engines. 1.1~1.8 litres of petrol engines and 2.0 wherein four tanks, or 2.5 litres V6 petrol engine ;2.0 used diesel cars.

"1" - transmissions products. Low voltage casting aluminum alloy shell, lightweight (37 kg); Subi wide (21).

"1" sets a wealth of intangible assets. Have a long history of brand names and intellectual property, including the 100-year history of the mg, Austin (Aosizheng), and other well-known brands, including MGR related intellectual property patents, the network domain name.

Company strategic objectives : 2-2-1-1

"2" for both domestic and international markets. Through the opening up of domestic and international market, five years to reach the production scale of 200,000 vehicles using a strong core competitiveness and sustainable development and capacity.

"2" building bridges two Nanjing and British production base.

"1" on the establishment of a world-renowned brand "name Christopher (MG)."

"1" for the company building a sustainable development of autonomous innovation system.

Product positioning

Southern Company name Christopher (MG) series products shape solemn generous, products covered from the economic model to China, the High series sedan and sport cars throughout various types of configuration for performance fine, comfortable nature, Security Georgia have a sexual significance.

Product series introduced

Nanjing-Christopher (MG) product series includes MG-7, MG-5, MG-3 and MG-TF four series products covered high, medium and low end car models and urban leisure and sport cars.

Mg-type vehicle equipped with a whole series of spectral engine, gasoline engine emission respectively 1.1L, 1.4L, 1.6L, 1.8L, 1.8T, 2.0LV6, 2.5LV6; diesel cars to 2.0 litres. Power from 55kw to 140kw coverage, and full compliance with EU IV emission standards.

Mg cars in the series of spectral types fully consistent with our laws and the European system.

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Dan Lockton said:
In addition, the lecturer is unlikely actually to have kept up with the Nanjing story since (without reading this thread!) not many people have done.
Well those that do read this thread should now be fully up to date! :)

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Is this a sign of things to come?

Having to decypher Nanjing UK translated press releases...? :lol:

I must say this is all very confusing; according to the above article, the new China MG facility will basically manufacture all of MG's models including the MG TF which is supposed to be being built at Longbridge next year, as well as the MG7, to which we don't know whether is coming or going?

Are Nanjing hoping for big orders so to split production? :confused:

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Windy said:
27th May 2006:

Southern Company is grateful for the troops fight to win or die

This morning, the South Bus Company general manager Yu Jianwei, the vice president Wang Qiu Jing, the South has always been part of the vehicle to guide the work of the State Policy Division Board leadership gas developments on the South. Yujianwei detailed presentation of the Special Policy leadership is very concerned about the city of South gas project. Yu Jianwei, frankly, South steam now very clear their situation can fight to win or die, but at all levels of city projects under the leadership and the community concern, the work proceeded smoothly.
Nanjing is grateful for the help needed to win or go bust

Nanjing General Manager Yu jianwei and Vice President Wang Qiu Jing have been guiding the work of the State Policy Division Board's steering group on development in Nanjing. Yu jianwei showed a presentation of the Special Policy which is concerned about the Nanjing City project. Yu jianwei was frank that the situation was very clear now - Nanjing had to succeed or go bust, but al levels of the City project are under the leadership of the group and it is a project involving the whole commnity, with work porgressing smoothly.

Photograph shows talks scene.

The scene of the talks.

National Policy Division Board of inspections leading to the south steam

This morning, the State Development and Reform Commission of the Southern Company bureaus leading to the inspection. Photograph shows Southern Company Corporation general manager Yu Jianwei (China), leaders watched South steam products. Southern steam in the face of Christopher racing bike, with the guests every appearance masters.
National Policy Division Board of inspections

This morning, the State Development and Reform Commission of Nanjing office headed the inspection. The photograph below shows Nanjing Corporation General Manager Yu Jianwei (China) and colleagues looking at the Nanjing products. The guests thought that Nanjing had mastered every visual aspect of the Project Christopher sports car.


Then we get the Octagnal stand at the Nanjihng International Exhibition Centre, which is hlding a forum meeting and lecture.


Chairman Wang Hao Liang gave a lecture:

This afternoon, the South gas company chairman Wang credits at the 2006 first Chinese-made Nanjing independent innovation Forum lectures.

Photograph shows his lecture:
This afternoon Nanjing Chairman Wang attended the 2006 first Chinese-made Nanjing independent innovation Forum lecture (with accompanying photo).

Again speaking not Taboo reference to South steam "fight to win or die." In his "2006 China-Nanjing first independent innovation Forum" made his Stresses that both objective reality and fervent. He believes that South Veteran Motor Company successfully acquired British company of the mg Luo fu Assets with a high level of technology platform and network platform. South steam difficult to venture in the current critical period, It must emancipate the mind, the independent innovation. Thus, the South China Motor Bus will embark on a vigorous market in the enterprise Competition innovative ways to digest. In the speech, South steam seeking win-win cooperation with all possible partners, the Southern Company in good faith-based, to allow South steam participants will benefit the entire value chain.

At the 2006 China-Nanjing First Innovation Forum Wang again broke the taboo by speaking fervently about the reality of the situation and the company objective to 'fight to win or die'. He believes the old Nanjing successfully bought the MGR company and assets complete wth high technology and group platforms (or network of perations) but had to free its corporate mind in these dfficult times. Nanjing wll innovate in the market while the dfficlt digeston period goes on. Nanjing are seeking a win-win situation with all possible partners which will benefit the participants all the way down the line.

Then there's the ecture picture showing Austin...

29th May 2006:
Four lessons from the Southern Company of traders concerned

9:00 yesterday, the 2006 China-Nanjing major investment projects was discussed lessons at the Nanjing International Exhibition Center opened. Christopher sent a kind of Southern Company cars participating, causing the traders concerned. Photograph shows Southern Company Corporation general manager Yu Jianwei (former second from right) stall in the city with the President of Indonesia and China General Chamber of Commerce President Chen Dajiang (a red necktie) exchanges.
At the opening of the 2006 China-Nanjing major investment project at the Nanjing International Exhibition Center, lessons were discussed and traders showed interest in an MG TF. The photograph below shows Nanjing General Manager Yu Jianwei (second from right foreground) stop in the city with the President of Indonesia and China General Chamber of Commerce President Chen Dajiang (in a red tie) in conversation.


Jiangsu industrial designs Park - electronic research and development centers cooperation agreement signed.

today 10:00, 2006 China-Nanjing Gulou major project investment lessons Conference gas business hours at the building in the South. Jiangsu industrial designs Park - Jiangsu automobile design center opened Park ceremony also was held here. Nanjing Mayor Luozhijun "Jiangsu industrial designs Park - Jiangsu automobile design center" center. Gulou District of major investment projects in cooperation signing ceremony were also held. Photograph shows the South gas joint venture with Nanjing 14-car electronic research and development centers (temporary) cooperation agreement signed notes, general manager of Southern Company Shujianwei (front right black clothing was) and 14, director of the Institute (front left black clothing was) happy to shake hands after the signing. Luo Zhijun, secretary of the Nanjing City (2 rear left) and Deputy Mayor Walter Nanjing Po (3 rear left) participated in the signing ceremony.
Repeat about the lecture/conference and lessons talked about. There was also an opening ceremony conducted by Nanjing Mayor Luozhijun for the Jiangsu automobile design center at the Jiangsu industrial designs Park and various signing ceremonies relating to cooperation for investment projects. The photo shows a temporary signing for a joint venture between Nanjing and Nanjing 14-car Electronic R&D centre. Pictured are Nanjing Gen Manager Shujianwei and '14', director of the Institute shaking hands after the signing. Nanjing City Mayor Deputy and Mayor, Luo Zhijun and Walter Nanjing Po (to the left in pic) participated in the signing ceremony.


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Windy said:
From :

Southern Company matching to complement "the city"
Date : 2006-05-30
author : Kim
Source : Oriental Morning Post

Has the city (MG) project successful operation of the Nanjing Automobile Group Limited together, but now has more solid foundation for "diversification" operation. 2006, held yesterday in Nanjing major project investment Fair, the South has signed cultural creativity and motor vehicle electronic items.
Nanjing Group's 'City' (MG) project is now able to diversify its activities. Yesterda a major investmen fair was held and Nanjing signed up to some cultural activity (?) and motor vehicle electronic items.

(I think they should get rid of those bows as it affects frontal driver vision)

Yesterday morning, in Nanjing Gulou will re-member special Southern Company general manager Yu Jianwei and participated in the Shenzhou series of spacecraft developed by the Chinese radar Electronic Technology Group has signed 14 cooperation agreements, the use of the brand, industrial, motor vehicle to the electronic system planning, design and development, joint development of electronic automobile industry, and 1,338 electronic platform and overall network design solutions. The goal is "to become domestic automobile electronic field guide".
Some of the electronics developed by the Chinese radar Electronic Technology Group who signed a cooperation agreement were used in Chinese spacecraft! he agreement covers mucho development work.

This means that South gas acquisitions mg Luo fu company assets on the basis of their characteristics-innovation development strategy has started to "rank ahead into pieces." Use of advanced research and development facilities mg Luo fu and technology, the establishment of technology centres and motor vehicle engineering center, and establish a national car project is the development of trails lie. According to Southern Company chairman Wang good introduction, the main task is to keep the Southern Company to develop and introduce additional troops (MG) brand new series of products, and this has created an outstanding technical team. At the same time, make breakthroughs in vehicle body design, engine power, fuel and vehicle electronic key technology. Through the introduction of talent and with domestic and foreign research institutes, research and development institutions, evolving their core technological superiority.
The aim is for advanced development, but the result of Nanjing buying MGR is tha it has had to share development with other companies.

South steam back to the introduction of the "brain trust" diagnosis South steam in the auto electronics industry "ahead" because of city gas project has begun the South "Sheung Road." Since March 27, the acquisition of the assets of mg Luo fu Southern Company, the project will be named the mg name Christopher foundation started, South steam progress has been very rapid. Southern Company chairman Wang good yesterday accepted Morning Post reporters revealed that the mg car parts will be exported in the year to supply users. This means that the south part of mg cars have digested technology, and is expected to usher the city MG--7 launched in March next year. On the other hand, the city (MG) Project brands Interpretation --Modern Gentleman (modern looking) also formally set the tone.
More about the electronics development plus how progress has been rapid since the creaton of 'project Christopher'. Parts are ready for production soon and the feel of the MG projects will be classy but modern.

And the Southern Company invigorated group of assets for the city project, "no." Yesterday held another Nanjing-member cultural industries businesses will be meeting with the Southern Company in Jiangsu cultural industry groups signed the "Central Park cultural creative industries" cooperation projects, involving a total investment of 60 million yuan, a cultural group rented vehicle south of Central Road idle 28,000 square metres of land use rights for 20 years, will be undertaken early real estate development, Park will be undertaken later in the cultural development of creative industries.
Nanjing loking for investment and will be signing the "Central Park cultural creative industries" cooperation project involving about 8m pounds and developing a site.

Related information

South steam interpretation "of city" image

In 2006 the day before yesterday held talks on investment projects in Nanjing, the Nanjing Automobile Group Company Limited for the first time publicly-Four South (MG) Project brands Interpretation --Modern Gentleman (modern looking).
Nanjing held talks on the interpretation of the MG project brands defining it as 'modern getleman' (modern looking).

In this year on March 27 acquisition of mg cars in the Southern Luo fu project stone-laying ceremony for the mg item, the name of the city. "mg under three faculties, five faculties, and 7 of TF racing bike, seven of the show is dress up, wear suits, TF racing bike is the gentleman wearing uniforms, but their content is the same. "Southern Company people within such an interpretation of the mg.
Nanjing asociated MG with wearing suits after the new MG factory foundation ceremony!

Southern Company chairman Wang good introduction, buy one from the British South steam complete sets of research and development, production equipment, four 1,338 products platform, three series of engines, transmissions products and one sets one hundred years history of intangible assets.
Re; the MGR purchase.

On this basis, to establish an autonomous Southern Company brands in the world "- Christopher --MG." Wang Leung said at the Forum, the South steam "Shiyiwu" independent innovation to the overall goal of the "1-3-3-1" that is, "to form a system," and develop a dynamic, innovative system for the rapid development of enterprises; "nurturing 3 capacity," a joint, leading and independent development, nurturing control, integration, the three original self-development capabilities; "achieve three major breakthroughs" in using integrated, dynamic assembly, the three major automobile electronic platform breakthrough.
Repeats of earlier ideas and plans as outlined at the recent forum/lecture. A rapid development structure is being formalised.



"localization" of the entire city racing bike with the first public meeting Nanjing

Xinhuanet Jiangsu channel Technology
2006-05-29 15:31:50
Source : Integrated Network

Heavily member's innovative technology and products will be displayed Fair from Nanjing City and the surrounding cities 165 enterprises, universities and colleges, scientific research center involving the display of power, energy, mechanical, instrumentation, pharmaceutical chemical industry's innovative technologies and products area.
The innovative technology and products wll be well represented at the Nanjing fair invlving Nanjing city and all the surrounding cities and will include representativews from the felds of power, energy, mechanics, instrmentaton, and the pharmaceutical chemical industry.

"native" racing bike first appearance

Debut yellow color, shape and cool throughout the unit after their engine design flow lines, South steam stall that parts of that sport cars almost From the stall again attracted the attention of the public. But that parts of that beautiful treasure a real sense China's first independent production racing bike, and this is its first meet in public and the public.
The first Chinese made yellow TF made its frst appearence. Its cool and flowing lines drew attention form the public.

Southern Company Booth officials told reporters that the exhibition a total of four vehicles they were included in the series of seven city departments, and three of five systems. It is expected next year on March 27-Four Series cars will be the first formal lower level.
Nanjing officials told reporters that the exhibition had 4 vehicles (out of 7 planned with 3 coming later??) expected March 27th next year.

And to end, this is what is standing on the red octagonal carpet:

From :

And this is what is stading on the red octagonal carpet.

The car's nice too. :)

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For todays interview we have - Yu Jianwei, general manager of the Nanjing Automobile Group Co. Ltd.

Southern Company : Sale, not Mergers & Acquisitions

"New Explorer", June 8, 2006, author : Shujianwei

Why should we buy? First is the complementary resources, followed by the price? It is not that cheap to buy, but we need to be.

Yu Jianwei, general manager of the Nanjing Automobile Group Co. Ltd.

Turning to the acquisition of mg Luo fu Southern Company assets, the primary issue of concern is very simple, the first question is why buy the things South steam? The second question is whether Southern Company bought what? The third issue is what the things on the Southern Company?
The sale price?

Luo community in the acquisition of mg trust assets themselves are not very clear, the need to explain here is that we are buyers (buyers) rather than merger (M & As), and there is a certain distinction. Then we bought some what? Simply can be summarized as "14311".
  • "1" sets the integrity of research and development, production equipment;
  • "4" out of 1,338 products platform;
  • "3" launched a series;
  • "1" - transmissions
  • "1" sets a wealth of intangible assets.
Why should we buy things? I think first and foremost complementary resources, followed by the price? I say this is not worth the value, but through asset assessment to see whether the value of the item. Nor is it cheaper to buy that, but we need to do, depending on the development strategy with the company, with corporate resources can play a complementary role, which is very important.

How these resources to be fully displayed, this is what we should consider. We will build two bases, one in Nanjing and one in English. Through these two bases interaction, we have to create a real sense of autonomy brands. Internationalized another way is to build a brand, you have to create a world that the internationally renowned brands should pay a price that may be far from one year, two years or money to buy. The project itself decided we must fully rely on their own ability to truly create a capacity for independent research and development, a truly independent innovation capacity. Therefore, centering on such a goal, we do this thing to what? That includes, of course, includes internationalization strategy, including our own innovation strategy, marketing strategies, cost control strategies, resources strategy, all relevant strategic support such a development goals.

Mg Luo trust such a company with 100 years of history, why not successful? Why not hold the final? We, in turn, visits, including my director has done with their previous address. From the perspective of the United Kingdom, such a big investment, high labour costs, and so many product platforms, annual sales is 40,000 Taiwan, and this can not be assessed all fixed costs, especially research and development costs. Although they would also like to internationalization, including China, Iran, Russia also seek such cooperation, but ultimately failed. Therefore, we, in turn, anti-reflection, in the final analysis, there can be no scale cost advantages, particularly in terms of the automobile industry.

Is the most valuable brand?

We are more valued Luo fu mg brand, the project has brought us significant opportunities internationalization, we also clearly a well may be an opportunity to grasp the opportunities, but may also be a good grasp trap, which is something we are very clear. However, we should first note that this is also an opportunity. How to use such a purchase incident to the depth of resources to do the digging, and eventually to the development of our entire South steam playing a role? More importantly, lessons learned, we can what the Chinese comparative advantage into competitive advantage? We often say Chinese low labor costs, labor costs are rich and true, of course, this is a relative comparative advantage, with the passage of time, this comparative advantage may gradually disappear. However, in Europe and the U.S. markets, at least to see such a future objective advantages exist. How to ensure that our projects in the internationalization process does not take the original track, the only one way out of China is an international comparative advantage into competitive advantage. Failing this, I think the internationalization strategy is very dangerous. This is the only comparative advantage of labour costs, it is more important for us to the whole China market, we are familiar with, including the mode of operation of such a business can be reflected in the inside. If this is not possible, for internationalization doomed beyond all doubt. Therefore, many people said South steam Chilebaozidan, you will be able to play? However, I can tell you we do not like the game, the only way to implement effective internationalization strategy.
The strategy and resources matching

In the implementation of our internationalization strategy which should have a good grasp of the strategy and resources matching. Frankly speaking, the assets in the absence of such an opportunity to purchase mg Southern Company is unable to do so. However, I think even if this risk is great, we still need to cooperate in many fields, including our talent recruitment, including the appointment of consulting firms, including the development of our products by, among others, I think is very important. Therefore, we must clearly see an internationalization strategy with the company you are applying the resources to match, especially on their own must have a clear understanding of the situation. Opportunities and risks can be balanced? Many things have to be good, when not doing so. Therefore, in the realization of such a strategy, the resources to match them, and have detailed plans to deal with, no measures will not do. In addition, strategic and tactical agreement, sometimes often tactical good, and very clear, but involves a lot of business strategies and business tactics, not necessarily implemented very well, or that the implementation of a very weak. Finally may be a good strategy can only become desire, or the desire to become a leader. In addition to the attention of autonomy and cooperation with, the most recent we have been stressing to innovate, particularly in the Southern Company of the item must be independent innovation. But I am very clear, or are based on the actual situation of the South steam so I think that independent innovation for the entire Southern Company, is a stage, or is a target, at least not now. Not that innovative, but said the real sense of innovation not complete. From our absorption -- the introduction of further innovation, which is a main channel for the South steam.

Our annual exports of 4,000 light trucks Taiwan, Taiwan exports this year 8000. However, the acquisition of mg Luo trust assets, from the development of the whole group, we did not always rise to internationalization strategies to consider. Southern Company travelled to the past few years, we have some basic understanding and reflection, cooperation is the development of enterprises is an eternal theme. Because we study any one link in the value chain, from the cooperation of a business that was not possible. How to make the depth and breadth of cooperation is different, or different forms of cooperation with the way that cooperation should conform to the theme. The second basic thinking, we feel that cooperation is not the best, only better, on the advice. This inside Undoubtedly, cooperation is a long-term security interests. However, I must stress that the possibility of achieving sustained a win-win, this may be the biggest key to successful cooperation. If the term win-win, not win-win is not within the long-term. From our experiences and lessons speaking, we have many examples. Third thought, we feel that open attitude, communication mechanisms, and cultural integration is the basis for cooperation.

South gas prices "save" Luo fu

Luo fu has 100 years of history, can be called the British crown, the pearl industry. In a few years ago, no one would think Luo fu Tan launch vehicle will be the world ... into the arms of the Chinese manufacturers. Countrymen to holding such a centuries old car factory, so there is excitement.

July 22, 2005 for the British car company Luo fu bankruptcy trusteeship services PwC accountant's office issued a notice suddenly that the British South Bus Group successful buyers "century-old plant," Luo fu Motor Corporation and its engine production branch. By the end of the twists and turns of this news Luo fu buyers war, the success of South steam played back to the dark horse of a role.

British Luo fu vehicle declared bankrupt after the Chinese auto industry to become the focus of rivalry. It is expected that once the acquisition of Shanghai Automobile Romania fu, and even news that the two parties have already reached the final stage of negotiations. However, the technology has been made Luo fu Shanghai Automobile introduced three protective clauses :
  1. PwC must Luo fu involves a list of third-party property rights and give commitment ;
  2. Shanghai Automobile instalments, the equipment must be brought China can make payments ;
  3. Inventory loading. Providing environmental commitment Shanghai Automobile not be subjected to potential damage. It is precisely because of these conditions, binding, and ultimately, Shanghai Automobile bite has been the first half of the Romanian population were bid lower South fu or gas deals.
However, in Luo fu bankruptcy, the Shanghai Automobile Group has spent 67 million pounds was Luo fu 75, 25 cars and two engines whole series of intellectual property rights. Thus, the Shanghai Automobile ownership Luo fu design drawings, and the Southern Company had Luo fu production line.

However, by Luo fu technical equipment is only the first step to good absorption of funds and personnel is the key factor, but the South is losing steam on these two points. "Now the entire 3 billion investment project, the project will need to digest all 100-12 billion yuan. "Southern Company chairman Wang good so that the corporation. Compared to the financial needs of over 100 million, the amount of accumulated resources is relatively weak Southern Company. Southern Company to 2004 has fallen to No. 11 domestic auto industry, the loss of over 300 million yuan.

Currently, the acquisition of Romanian fu case still have a lot of things have not been properly addressed. South steam how best to support? Internationalization of the new company for talent, can put in place as quickly as? All of these issues are plaguing South steam. But no matter how future development, acquisition Luo fu Southern Company, is destined to be 2005 vehicles in the overseas Chinese largest hot spots. It is learnt that the South replacement vehicles through the land, bank loans, provincial and municipal funds in the domestic and international cooperation, such as large companies financing channels, to ensure integration Luo trust funds required. Some say : South steam spend a large amount of money to purchase Luo fu, but also bought a self-development ticket. Southern Company will speed up the development of autonomous technologies Luo fu core brands and independent intellectual property rights pace.

However, when Honda burned Luo fu 45 drawings, people have begun to doubt; Spent 50 million pounds, the mediocre performance of the Southern Luo fu from the air to "technical ruins" are? Is the rebirth or quagmire?

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Windy - thought you might like to know that I keep directing various industry people to look at this page. They are all - like me - very grateful and complimentary of the service you offer - but they seem to be suffering from excessive headaches as a result... :D
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I will take over the Chinese news from Windy during his holliday. Last 2 weeks i was off, so i haven't read all the news. Sorry if i give you some old news now.

22 cars completed the road test vehicles are off-brand car design Shanghai at the end of the Listing

2006-06-10 6:51:06 Shanghai Jiaotong Radio

Shanghai Automobile - brand cars are being developed rapidly advancing. This reporter recently learned from the Shanghai Automobile shares, the first batch 22 - Autonomous brands kind car testing work has been completed and the low-temperature environments road tests, performance basic to the design requirements. Design-brand products are expected to be cars in this year 10 Month or so lower level, and will hopefully 11 Beijing International Car of the formally to the market.

Independent brand is a tough Shanghai Automobile shares this year. Through the "global resource for our use systems," Luo fu series Shanghai Automobile purchase British products intellectual property, a research and development to design an autonomous car brand. It is understood that since the beginning of this year, for their brand Shanghai Automobile automobile manufacturing companies project through to the original English Luo fu 75 Series of internal and external finishes cars, electrical systems, chassis systems and air conditioning systems and engine fuel systems for secondary innovation, a brand new model of autonomy in the road test process, the independent brand cars exist some kind durability error, Shanghai Automobile car has to be improved. Shanghai Automobile autonomous vehicles has not yet announced what brand cars shape and configuration of the vehicle, but its prototype vehicles --- Luo fu 75 Series products occupy an important position in the international market, its drivers for 4.749 M , Wheelbase for the 2.749 M In the appearance of the elite British car unique character, a half-style body and head and tail slightly sink in the visual impression of a strong sense of stability.

Currently, 240,000 vehicles in the Shanghai Automobile base 100 More sets of pre-ram disc molds through acceptance and body shop, assembly shop has completed the transformation 90% , has completed the transformation of painting workshop; Baoshan engine plant LBAC work has basically been completed, the assembly has begun to install equipment. To ensure quality, the Shanghai Automobile Group has set up an autonomous vehicle brand quality management committee consists of body, decorated pieces, electrical, chassis, engine and other professional project team and promote the quality management system. Shanghai Automobile vehicle has completed nearly 60 Home dealers contracted work by the end of the year are expected to amount to 90 Home about basic domestic coverage in key cities and provincial capitals.

Shanghai Automobile shares previously released in accordance with the overall plan, launched at the end of the first paragraph in the independent brand trucks, also is expected to launch in the next 2 cars, it is Luo fu 25 Series cars from the platform to improve Zhongjiju future 5 Years, the Shanghai Automobile Group will launch 5 A brand 30 , the new car, and the name-brand cars is likely to be known as the "Shanghai card."

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Outside the car Tan : Four out of the Southern Company Board of mystery

At 15:12 on June 9, 2006 (Lee)

Next spring, fly eight halves of the South Company of mg trademarks of senior rank seven cars will be driven by Nanjing Pukou new factory production lines -- When last June, the situation of poor South steam just after the British decision buyers bankruptcy Luo trust company assets, Who can believe this information? Southern Company has finally come out of the city to the crowds confusing -- Luo fu company assets, including equipment, technology, brand, as are many.

Shanghai Automobile Company and the British South Luo fu on the big rush to purchase cars, frequently appears in the preceding paragraph due to the media, to our overall impression is : buy the Shanghai Automobile bankruptcy after Luo fu vehicle platform technology products (software); And the Southern Company with no strings attached buyers, scored a Luo fu production equipment (hardware); The Shanghai Automobile, South steam exclude the possibility of cooperation, Shanghai Automobile technology has emerged equipment, the equipment did not have the technical Southern Company deadlock.

Earlier this year, the Shanghai Automobile Group announced the establishment of the "Shanghai Automobile vehicle," the combination of equipment in the plant produces, using hands Luo fu techniques, self-development, the introduction of new vehicles at the end, did show a large group of lung power and strength. Shanghai Automobile news has not been confirmed that the former will Luo fu master hands BMW Group brands for new cars bought Luo trust and follow a road of internationalization autonomous brands.

Southern Company -- Many people worry that the big trouble. 53 million pounds, buy a pile of old equipment shipped back, if it is installed, is a pile of scrap metal; Even loaded up, no product platform, no software, what types of production? It has been reported that the Southern Company holding a hot potato, eager to join the search for strategic investment.

However, the fear that one quickly lifted. Southern Company professional acknowledgement sent teams in the English willow work after three months, will be bought by the Romanian trust companies and car companies for the full 4507 Taiwan assembly equipment complete demolition crating. Early this year, nearly 5,000 containers and 25,000 cubic metres of wooden crates from the sea smoothly back to Nanjing. According to participate in the work of the technical staff meant that this is a first-class contemporary production equipment, used as Hanzhuang line robots, so that they came.

March 26, the Company established a South-South Four car gas companies. The next day, troops from the new South steam plant in Nanjing Pukou foundation to begin plant construction and equipment installation. And that the production in factories and bridges were Luo fu sedan line mg cars.

South gas production mg, and the Shanghai Automobile hands Luo fu, platform technology as much as 95% share, have intellectual property dispute? It is a concern. Southern Company has been low-key project director Zhang Xin-city recently came up with a list of all assets purchased Luo fu. The assets purchased will be outlined -- one for 14,311 sets of complete research and development, production equipment ;4 a vehicle platform : MG7 department, five faculties, three of car racing bike ;3 MG-TF a series engines : consuming four tanks of petrol machines, V6 gasoline engine, diesel, reductions covering 1.1 to 4.0 2.5 litres; 1 aluminum alloy light transmissions; 1 sets a wealth of intangible assets : including mg, Austin, and other famous brands.

Together finally solved : the Southern Company said, a sum of money to three things : the production of mg cars full of equipment (hardware); Mg production technology (software) and Austin ;MG brand ownership.

June 6, the first South gas production as mg accessories maintain vehicle maintenance accessories export to the United Kingdom; At the end of mg engines in Nanjing resume production quality to achieve temples factory level; Next March 27, 60 anniversary of the establishment of the South steam days, the city will be in Nanjing mg lower level. ? Sure, I asked, Zhang Xin said that the group was under a military pledge, we wait and see.

For Southern Company, the successful acquisition of British Luo fu factories and mg products platform is not uniform for the big-brand political aspirations; And more is in the market for the survival of adversity.

We also interviewed the new Southern Company chairman Wang good, the official switch from entrepreneurs, the new burden is not easy. He said that people of the South Company, which is fight to win or die, on the road of no return path.

Southern Company, was born in the fire of the war of liberation, the three wild special equipment repair plant shoulder pole label follow forces hit Nanjing, the Nanjing vehicle factory established, the new China Southern Company was the most important automobile production bases. However, due to institutional reasons, the Southern Company at the turn of the century was not a Chinese Jushi the brave in the industry have even been marginalized. Southern Company people have a sense of crisis, and after years of facing more hardships, wish for changes when they are poor. Wang Leung said that the city south steam, the new system is implemented, the new mechanism of a free people tolerance : quality, marketing head of expatriates.

Wang Leung revealed that in March next year, will be the first to come off the assembly MG7 department and we will bring it to a Chinese official business best use; The latter three are small reductions willing cars; Finally, five of the market's most competitive. We will also in the United Kingdom to engage in the production of MGF racing bike; We will establish a unified market with the acquisition of Romanian companies to develop, test equipment, the establishment of research and development centers in the country, testing center. Won an international famous-brand, we have to crawl up, squat safely, and can stand up.

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Shanghai Automobile car new car finalized named for the family car "family"

2006-06-10 6:53:49 Shanghai Jiaotong Radio

Recently, a reporter from the channel was informed that the vehicle has entered the Shanghai Automobile - brand 2 final development stage, positioning it for the family car, named " Family ". Insider, the type of vehicle from the outside design is excellent, very attractive. This car not only believe in the success of the Chinese market, will display their abilities in the international market.

It is understood that the research and development work is primarily on oil fires tons of British Shanghai Automobile cars overseas (Europe) research and development centers. It works with the global renowned automobile advisory services providers Ricardo (Ricardo) Mr Woods branch together named Ricar - Do2010 .

Reportedly, Ricardo2010 New product development work is progressing well, the first paragraph based on the original Luo fu 75 Platform cars have basically completed, in the second half of this year will be in our lower level; Positioning cars in the middle " Family "model of R & D also reached an advanced stage.

Shanghai Automobile Motor ambitions obviously far more than this. Earlier, the Shanghai Automobile Group has disclosed that from 2007 Year to 2010 Less than a year 4 Years, the Shanghai Automobile Group also prepare for the launch vehicle RV Cars, Zhongjiche, tight pattern, 5 More than a platform 30 2 cars, including sport cars, prices from 6.5 Million to 30 Million. The compact cars to 2009 Launched simultaneously at home and abroad at the end. Chinese enterprises in the global car-brand competition in the automobile industry core prelude thus started.

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Nanjing multi-pronged social-saving building

(2006-06-10 07:37:00)

The Nanjing Daily reports. (Reporter Two Great) "Shiyiwu" period, our economic output in the "15" basis doubled, while the integrated energy product areas million to drop 20%, the cumulative energy savings of 9.8 million tons of coal to achieve. How to achieve this goal? Municipality held a news conference yesterday, launched in 2006 Nanjing-week promotional activities, the first published municipal party committee and government on accelerating the construction of saving the city a number of observations and policy measures.

- Publicity Week activated

Seven ministries and commissions under the State Policy of the notification requirements, teachers will be June 11 -17 Day-publicity Week. Yesterday's briefing in a week - and content-related activities, for the "conservation, starting with me."

This year's week-advocacy in our enterprise, government, and society perspectives extensive energy conservation campaigns. It is learnt that the city will conduct business "green energy services" and run "2006 II-management course", the "energy conservation, starting with me," million signature campaign organized students to watch video sales knowledge, at the National Energy Policy Director Zhou land, make presentations, The "energy-saving work in peace education seminars." Municipal Economic Commission, the officials said that energy is our strong advocacy for conservation work, advancing saving an important part of urban construction, our guide will draw, create energy-efficient work.

Careful weaving "saving cities" network

Strengthen the guiding role of industrial policy, fiscal policy should support efforts to strengthen the monitoring and management of the economy, promote saving urban construction, Nanjing Branch Office with small focus, multi-pronged weaving "saving cities" network. Municipal party committee and government on speeding up the introduction of new building-saving urban views and policies of a number of measures that the "net" weaving very careful.

These views and policies include, optimizing industrial layout promote restructuring, in a specified period eliminate backward production equipment and products, provincial and municipal and provincial level development zones to accelerate the implementation of regional clusters focus on heating, from the whole fiscal year 1000 budget arrangements million for energy conservation projects the effect of subsidies and incentives for energy efficiency, civil construction makes full use of new materials have been verified and returned full of new material to a special fund to promote indoor air-conditioning in society summer temperature of not less than 26 degrees Celsius, the implementation of pilot applications of solar photovoltaic power generation, promote geothermal heating in winter and the use of family life.

10 energy conservation an enterprise voluntarily

Industry accounted for 80% of the energy, petrochemical, iron and steel, building materials, electric power and other energy sectors also accounted for four industrial energy nearly 80%. Yesterday's news conference, 10 energy companies and municipal waste signed the "energy saving voluntary agreements" voluntary so exemplary resource conservation.

It is learnt that the 10 energy companies are, Yangzi Petrochemical, Jinling Petrochemical, Nangang Group, Meishan Iron and Steel, China Resources Thermal Power, Huaneng Power Plant, Jiangnan - Yeh Tien cement, China plant, South Bus Group, Puzhen vehicle plant. Municipal Economic Commission, the responsible person said that 10% of the total number of enterprises in the industrial enterprises integrated energy consumption over 72% of the total. In the government's policy of complete support and incentive mechanism lowering energy consumption tasks, the goal of lowering energy consumption can be achieved.

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Shanghai Automobile "transfer" British overseas strategies to achieve wealth independent innovation

Http:// at 13:12 on June 10, 2006 Economic Observer newspaper

At present, China's automobile industry of the two most popular words are "independent innovation" and "overseas strategy" -- if want these "cuts", is worth considering.

Frankly speaking, the three words because it is too hot and more worried. No "independent innovation" is really too many local manufacturers, with a feeling that people suspected; "overseas strategy" is a bit far away from us, those Chinese cars in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other places to sell what we could not determine how; As for the "price", but seeing is believing and increased too In the profits worried.

Current (and the next issue) reports with the three target words involved, and compared to other Chinese local enterprises to go far more -- at least from a distance point of view. Nanjing Automobile Group and Shanghai Automobile Group, respectively, the acquisition of the British company with a long history MG- Luo fu different assets, R & D personnel based in the former, while the latter include the advanced production equipment.

On acquisitions, and acquisitions success is largely dependent on what the problem is there are some bad logic. Do not believe the so-called complementary business will inevitably bring about cost reduction and revenue increase, the researchers technological development or acquisition will significantly strengthen the theoretical strength alone.

Enterprises can receive investment banking M & As in the two theories is the foundation of success, rather than a cornerstone of the success of M & As in itself. We have seen too many things strictly followed the theory but in the end the situation even worse, the success of M & As a chief executive who really should be based on adequate and detailed consideration to each other's feelings, and from real sense conveyed trust, confidence.

Therefore, we are Shanghai Automobile Group to "digest" 150 British interest in a strong R & D personnel. We went to London and re-reviewed a number of processes, and to understand the psychological feelings of those foreign R & D personnel.

Opportunities are always there, and will increasingly look. A new round of global vehicle market adjustments under way, the intense market competition and decision-making errors, a growing number of foreign automobile company makes a similar MG- Luo fu such financial problems, including even the venerable General Motors . For Chinese companies, foreign car purchase hardware and software assets continue to increase the possibility of "absorption" will probably become the next hot automobile industry glossary.

The next issue, we will be another perspective on how to handle their company Southern Company acquired assets equally exciting.

-- Editor

- British reporter Wang Ming Woods, Shanghai

One day in April 2005, the original company research and development departments MG- Luo fu Richard More newspapers are reporting on their own boss felt sorry that he had not carried lengthy condolences to the British in the fall of the automobile industry to find coverage information, will not put a newspaper threw aside.

More than 150 research and development personnel and other core, Richard Catalano had no thought of what he had led the High Mobility is a concept item, he only worried about whether his team can continue its work, and other companies made for the kind invitation to hesitation -- finally an independent British car manufacturer MG- Luo trust company declared bankruptcy, these core researchers are looking forward to an opportunity to head London.

On opening the door and rushed into the fields to see David v. Richard, he has to wait to counter Richard exclaimed : "good morning, and would like to know the latest situation? ?-- all work will not stop and continue to work? Shanghai Automobile Group will be our new employers. "

During this time, two Chinese car company Shanghai Automobile Group, Nanjing Automobile Group (hereinafter referred to as the Shanghai Automobile Group, South gas) on MG- Luo trust assets are attracting buyers global vision, and eventually won the Southern Company and the mg brand manufacturing equipment, and manage the Shanghai Automobile core intellectual property, outsiders do not know is that when the majority of 150 Shanghai Automobile researchers have been quietly "scheduled."

Now, David v. have a Chinese name -- Linderui new functions Shanghai Automobile Motor Engineering is the Chief Engineer, Ricardo 2010 (Shanghai Automobile cars overseas (Europe) research and development center), general manager, Luo fu Previously he was the chief of all new product development engineers, Shanghai Automobile began in contact with Luo fu when he was the main members of the negotiations.

Luo fu original MG- poor operation and financial situation truly put their talents to these outstanding employees who design cars more famous than their own, these models list include : Braemar Mini, Jiebao X-TYPE, Luo fu 75, Ms. S2 Lotus, Lotus M250, Luhu collection of sightseeing scenes, etc., in addition to their careers, almost all mainstream coverage of cooked food Automobile Company.

Is committed to the development of the Chinese auto industry to the autonomy they reappear brilliant opportunity. Time in the past year, the Shanghai Automobile departure "in 2010 to five large car platform 30," the menu, the four major platforms simultaneously and at different stages of development, the design of large car platform years lower level models currently in the final testing, Zhongjiju based on the new platform of the body a New Family Car class data to be released (body parts production for the entire cycle is the longest).

Linderui now have one week stay in Shanghai Automobile monthly vehicle Engineering, coordination both in the development process. In a recent meet again in Shanghai and journalists, he disclosed that one of the tasks of this visit to Shanghai to the Shanghai Automobile Two Dragons from the technical level negotiations.

Today, the Shanghai Automobile Group company, including the integration of the United Kingdom, China, Korea, three engineers, and engineers from the supplier team, the thousands of research and development on its strength to the position. Then, the accent mixed with the various chain, will be how the rapid functioning of Taiwan into the Chinese Shanghai Automobile machines?

From bridges to Mr Woods

May 11, from Heathrow Airport to Mr Gordon (Leamington) on the road, a Shanghai Automobile introduced to the staff : "If you had to temples original Luo fu factory is considered to be a Chinese everywhere in the port machinery Chinese workers, only two security doors are foreigners. "

Luo fu all equipment purchased gas Jiangsu South Group, at an alarming rate completed the relocation to work. The Chinese people are no strangers to hard work in European, German ThyssenKrupp take captive Burton (ThyssenKrupp) of the Steel Plant has recently been in Dortmund sand steel (for Jiangsu with a local steel company) entire relocation to China than to German progress a year earlier.

This scene in China is no longer fresh, but the Shanghai Automobile "transfer" is "intangibles" --150 core research personnel, a smooth transfer to a small town near London, Mr Woods, and here once renowned for hot springs infirmary.

They are waiting for a beautiful three-storey building. All cars parked at the car park, the lawn of the building outlying feel three banner, a British flag, a flag is the symbol of Ricardo enterprises, the PRC is also a five-star red flag.

These engineers from the MG- Luo fu, the Ming Woods branch together with Ricardo, but independent named Ricardo2010. Shanghai Automobile has a right to use the building there is another name that Shanghai Automobile cars overseas (Europe) research and development centers.

Shanghai Automobile brands in the first independent project engineer Liu Tao told reporters memories, such a "non-owner" outstanding engineers natural Yanre allow many enterprises, the Shanghai Automobile Group that wants to succeed must move fast. But let them have obviously unrealistic to China, and Chinese enterprises in overseas registered companies will undoubtedly complicated procedures waste valuable time.

At this time, there are long-term strategic partnership with Shanghai Automobile third-party advisory body English Ricardo emerged, and its chief executive officer Dave Shemmans Mr. immediately went Shanghai, the two sides soon became partners : May 2005, Ricardo set up an independent body Ricardo2010, Luo fu to absorb the original engineers, the costs associated with Shanghai Automobile by Ricardo, took management.

"Of course this is temporary, but it is also efficient. "It has been a director of the Shanghai Automobile automotive products planning to Liutao memories.

Ricardo had even moved out of the takeover in 1999 before helping BMW mini case. Dave Shemmans proudly told reporters that "we have to help the Shanghai Automobile takeover mini BMW engine assembly R & D team, and ultimately help to BMW cars This model of cooperation very interested only spend time on the final two weeks. "

The Harvard Business School is the outstanding students understand the significance of this for Ricardo -- a very small cost to sell a very big favor, great deepened cooperation with the Shanghai Automobile Group, for 17% of its total business operations in China will undoubtedly be the more optimistic expectations.

But he believes that Shanghai Automobile is the big winner, in addition to cheap prices buy intellectual property, the Shanghai Automobile Group has been a valuable talent for the prompt start of the research and development of new products, and previously existing cooperation projects Luo fu smooth continuation.

As being "acquisition" side representatives Linderui recalled that in the details of the negotiations, told reporters that "you can not be the first time with Shanghai Automobile product planning and the corresponding investment plan touched, in fact engage in research and development for our people, to have enough projects can be most attractive," he pauses added that the "But when you can hardly believe that it came from China's hands. "

Society standing eat Chinese meal

May 12, when reporters entered the building before this mystery inside, the Shanghai Automobile here breeds of all types are being developed, but then was told not to use cameras, and even a photo functions are not allowed into the mobile phone.

Many different colour, nationality of the person tense busy, we have not urging these Chinese people. In a one separated seats, the progress of different types of engineers in computer land, the strange details in the mouse, gradually advancing development, which benefited from the various Alias advanced computer-aided design software.

"We will bring you a simulation we have been abandoned by the whole process of car design and development. "Chief engineer John Johnson at body projection on the wall of PPT document to reporters.

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Southern Company 07 years lower level of city acquisition Luo fu get a win-win technology brand  
[2006-06-12] [author : Zhangguohong] [Source : Sichuan News Network - Chengdu Commercial Daily] [AUTO18 Chinese auto transactions]

Southern Company 53 million pounds acquisition of mg Luo fu item dust has settled, the media voice of a surprise with praise also questioned whether the gas industry on the South also have various rumours saying that even people without technical Southern Company bought a pile of scrap metal without brand. In response, there has been no official statement Southern Company.
With South gas project progress, the city of Nanjing mg scheduled for new vehicles come off the assembly time is the first half of 2007, with a new car to be floating to the level of some species will gradually untied.

Southern Company moves alarming

June 6, the first South gas production as mg accessories maintain vehicle maintenance accessories exports England, we suddenly discovered that the South steam progress moves alarming.

Recently, the Southern Company official responsible for the official announcement of the acquisition list : project through the purchase of mg Southern Company acquired including mg, Austin, and other brands, four 1,338 production technology and equipment, three engines and a series of advanced research and development facilities and a motor vehicle autonomous brands, Southern Company has not reached 1.4 billion pounds for mg debt "bill." This sum accounts goal, the industry found that the Southern Company is a brand and a full range of technical equipment, greatly earned!

"The European aristocracy," said the mg, brand value and market price with Jiebao, Volvo, Saab, and other brands that compare with world-class reputation and Meiyudu. Mg, Aosizheng, Luo fu and other high-end brands were abroad. South gas to 53 million pounds of costs will become British car giant old boss. With the match, South steam plant can only be achieved into the corresponding building. It should be pointed out that the establishment of a mature domestic car production lines are important components of 3 billion less, and more are important components of 50 million. And the Southern Company This can Small is Big example, it not only introduced mg High production lines and lines of cars mature, but also enrich their own product lines, which makes South steam in the face of domestic automobile market, large-sized projects are under discussion.

As money is not paid

We know this only purchase a GM full equipment Southern Company does not know the specific circumstances. A relocation to the United Kingdom in the South gas sources, the equipment did not think there advanced! He said that after 100 years of accumulation, production equipment such as mg Hanzhuang, Tuzhuang high degree of automation and assembly production lines. Mg millions of dollars worth of existing industrial robots over 50, the high-ranking technically in Europe. Its engine project in the world has quite a competitive market, until bankruptcy, MG engine production branch operation is quite normal, the Southern Company will discard them shipped back to China, assembled, can immediately put into use, and the international community were still larger engine customers demand. Therefore, the industry veteran who analyzed that one item alone engine marketing, South steam can not pay cash.

"The year 1998, with 26 of the Taiwan-AVL overall emissions testing equipment is very valuable, in addition to price regulation more expensive Japanese Horiba 32,790 laboratory. "Southern Company's acquisition of the industry breakdown of the results. Thus we feel that the Southern Company is making a purchase.

According to the plan, the end of this year, MG engines in Nanjing resume production quality to achieve temples factory level; Next March 27, 60 anniversary of the establishment of the South steam days, the city will be in Nanjing mg lower level. It is learnt that in the South soon after the vehicle purchase mg, many foreign dealers traveled far away from the Nanjing city (MG) MG motor vehicle companies signed follow-up sales representation.

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Southern Company from "domestic exports to" think

Http:// at 11:39 on June 12, 2006 Sina car

Photograph shows South steam mister Yujianwei (sorry, cann't show it here0

In the planned economy era, "domestic exports to" pop 10,493, the term quality in the market economy "export to domestic" trade barriers, protectionism helpless victims; And the Southern Company in furtherance of "enlightened, open and honest" business ideas for the first time under the mg brand car parts exports, and create a "domestic-export" concept, that the autonomy of international brands (native), the basis of the size of exports, so that the "new South steam model" has a more profound meaning -- Southern Company - Four (MG) Is a responsible and stresses integrity enterprises to maintain sustainability of the global mg brand image!

Southern Company in the newly completed building a business to the ordinary meeting room, however, the first batch of high-quality South gas exports mg parts ceremony was "grand" to organized -- South Conference outdoor air staff members are Christopher mg orderly work, the room is only 10 National few mainstream media colleagues, not about music, No rash colored ribbon, and no song and dance add to the fun -- Southern Company were low-key and pragmatic, and thus not play the style sneak a peek at some!

June 6, 2006 is actually the 666 lucky, 61 years ago this day is the mighty army too large "foreign" and "longest D-Day" -- the European allies in the Normandy landing, the opening paragraph of the anti-fascist World War II Market! 61 years after China Southern steam in the "non-imperial" bridges again, "landing", a century-old store along the same service philosophy, the day will be permanently etched in the annals of South steam table, it is a quite symbolic -- with "China" will display parts "embedded" Britain on the mg brand, as a breakthrough in China's automotive component processing power, the main components in the field of foreign brand cars to zero processing equipment Tiepai production records, which should be documented to a new day in the annals of China's automobile industry!

For Southern Company, the current export gas as general manager of South Yujianwei President stressed that "one small step", but for South steam internationalization strategy group, speaking on strategy is "a major step" -- the last century has been the achievement of the first human lunar landing, Apollo Dengyuecang instructions long Armstrong walked down the ramp, on the whole surface of the Moon, He watched live television in the face of the global audience, and not in accordance with the official demanded that the ownership of the Moon, but to humanity's greatest mind, leaving a legacy through the Ming statement : "(on the Moon) is only a small step to me, But speaking is a big step forward for mankind! "This has nothing made deaf subjects, then this is a human charm!

Southern Company mister Yujianwei concise said : "The export of gas that South South steam is a responsible company that South steam discharge in the United Kingdom's commitment to provide follow-up customer service for British customers; Southern Company has demonstrated in achieving the promise, there has been substantial progress in improving the mg brand. " " '14311' on the basis of strengthening the domestic and international markets, the two bases' 2211 'internationalization strategy, and build our own world-renowned brands." Yu stressed that the total : "MG brand is the world renowned brand, we face major difficulties than pure innovation rather than building, but to maintain and upgrade the value; In the context of enlightened open stresses integrity (including stresses wisdom), for the 'Shiyiwu' ability to innovate during the upgrade and is currently planning the construction vehicle engineering design institute. "

In the current cooperation signing ceremony, the details of a general direction I realized Yu : signature sides -- Southern Company of Four (MG), the quality of ministers and quality director Xpart companies are Britain foreigner, rather than Chinese people! Southern Company is obviously deliberately highlight the "enlightened? Open? Integrity "basis internationalization of the management team in South steam Christopher (MG), the important role of the South Company of Four, after all there are more than 80 projects internationalization of the management team, after all, the Southern Company for" Gemini "double-brand (domestic name is Christopher, MG-- abroad is by the author) positioning is "independent internationally renowned brands," -- this is in Independent brand Car matrix, especially high-class cars - down market brand strategy, with a completely different variations of precision positioning for South steam following the first "rush to register" Chinese-brand name, again the first detailed the brand essence, started with the Southern Company opponent "Chaos" brand strategy differences of understanding, it is : the first Liangjian, cards spaces precision, finals group "Bear."

It is understood insolvency ago mg supply procurement list is from Ningbo, Changzhou and to parts suppliers, the Southern Company of the city Supply Chain May be "ready" This export more than 500 pieces of mg-wing boards only son of all procurement contracts tip of the iceberg, and its significance lies not only in the establishment of autonomous mg brand overseas production networks, "restore" the user group mg consumer confidence and, more importantly, by century-old store "rolling" upgrade South steam overall brand value. (Xie Wei out)
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