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Coolant level will vary depending on the temperature and the pressure within the cooling system. It is quite common for the coolant level to go up when the car is warm and drop when it is cold. Basically as the coolant warms up it expands (it's called an expension tank remember? ;) ), the car responds by adjusting the pressure in the system (pressurised fluids have a higher temperature boiling point), up to a limit (the release point of the valve in the expansion tank cap).

So, as you can see there is quite a scope for a variance in coolant level. As a general rule we tend to say top the coolant up to the seam, but there is an upper and lower level marked on the expansion tank, are you still within the marks when the coolant is cold? If so, nothing to worry about.

If you have overfilled the system, it tends to find it's own level over time (fluid expands and overspills the tank through the valve in the cap). Only time you really need to worry is if the coolant level drops (particularly i the tank empties).
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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