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Last August I bought a ZR and loved the way the car looked (trophy blue, 17" straights....mmm) but unfortunately I didnt have the patience for all the little things that went wrong (HGF, broken seat tilt mechanisms....etc).

I am keen to identify what I should get for my money. Ideally I'd like leather seats (like the cream/tan ones) and a hood that is free for damage and works properly. Oh, and an engine that has had the head gasket done!! (had this on my ZR and dont wanna pay out for it twice in a year!!)
Looking at your recent car history you seem to have a habit of getting rid of your cars if they have faults, even though they were quite new-ish models!.

Given that £3K will maybe only get you a half decent 7-8 year old 'F' you are likely to find most cars of the vintage will have one or two faults at least, and if you get a 'wrong un' it could turn into a very big money pit!.

Sorry!, not trying to put you off, just make you aware of the pitfalls of owning an 'F' of this age, if you are not prepared to pay out for a few running repairs and perhaps get your hands dirty every now and again then perhaps you might want to consider upping your budjet!..
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