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As a lot of you know, I am without a car just now.

Looking to get another mg/r asap. I don't want another rover 25 as I think it'd be abit too upsetting doing all the same things again to it. So I'd like to get either an MG ZR or an MGZS (mk1s).

Would instantly go for a ZR in black or XPower grey but all along (before the smash) I felt as if a ZS would be my next car. Possibly a bit too far ahead of schedule though.

Either way I'd be looking to spend around £3k on whichever one.

Also, I'd really like to use my existing magnex 6x4 backbox on whichever car I get, can anyone tell me if this is likely to be possible? (my rover was a 1.4 if that makes a difference). My wheels seem to be ok so I'd like to put them on (think zr/zs are same pcd) and if I got a ZR I could put my leather interior in there also.

Just looking for some advice as I'm wanting to get back on the road pretty soon (driving my dads 75 just now).

Cheers guys!
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