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looking at buying a freelander

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Hi all,

i am looking at getting a freelander TD4 roughly spending 2.5K pref 3door/ hard/softback/manual (hopefully)

what is there to look out for. Have seen a couple on an 03 plate up for grabs.

what's the running costs I know prob get 30 -35mpg, road tax £260,
servicing? tyres etc.

Cheers for advice
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Check the 4wd drive is intact and that there are no whines or knocks coming from it and that all 4 tyres are the same size.
How would you check the 4WD ?

If it clonks or there's a grinding noise from the transmission when accellerating or cornering, also if the VCU is hot after a driving it. If it feels as if the the brakes are coming on at parking speeds on full lock in reverse is also a good indicator.

Oh and the obvious when looking underneath is it there!!! Many owners remove them saying it improves fuel economy and that it is "easy to replace because of got the parts", i.e. the VCU but the IRD has gone kerching, kerching, kerching.

Just as an update. Guy just posted on one of the LR forums that he was having trouble with his Freelander, recently purchased, whilst trying to negotiate a snowy hill. Heard a noise from his brake pedal and had warning lights on the dash, so was advised to change the brake light switch, apparently a cheap and cheerful fix. However decided he would look underneath said car to check 4wd. Only find there wasn't one!!!!

Brave bloke to admit his error I reckon - respect.
Your not wrong! new tyre two days into ownership and £90 to fill her up.
However, great to drive and its done what I wanted it to do when I bought it. Get my wife safely to work (Nurse) in this bad weather so she can pay for said fuel and tyres etc :)
Be most careful with running with different sized tyres between axles. Can be expensive. See post #3.
I think so ........ now that was a dog ugly motor car!!
If you look at the definition of ugly in the dictionary it does say:

Ugly: Ford Scorpio second generation 1994 - 1998.

If my dog was as ugly as that then I would have to shave its backside and teach it to work backwards.
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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