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looking at buying a freelander

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Hi all,

i am looking at getting a freelander TD4 roughly spending 2.5K pref 3door/ hard/softback/manual (hopefully)

what is there to look out for. Have seen a couple on an 03 plate up for grabs.

what's the running costs I know prob get 30 -35mpg, road tax £260,
servicing? tyres etc.

Cheers for advice
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The TD4 is a pretty reliable lump as far as Land Rovers go thanks in no small part to BMW money on the R&D.

Apart from odd electrical issues with central locking and elec windows they are pretty sound. Check rear tailgate for rust.

My brother emmigrated to Australia last week leaving his 2004 TD4 HSE behind for me to sell. They seem to hold their value well.

Any idea on the potential sale price and where it might be in the UK?
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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