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looking at buying a freelander

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Hi all,

i am looking at getting a freelander TD4 roughly spending 2.5K pref 3door/ hard/softback/manual (hopefully)

what is there to look out for. Have seen a couple on an 03 plate up for grabs.

what's the running costs I know prob get 30 -35mpg, road tax £260,
servicing? tyres etc.

Cheers for advice
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Running a Freelander will empty your wallet!
Or not. Although it looks like ours is now ready for the breakers, we have had 13 years of enjoyable and mostly trouble free motoring in our Hippo.
Running costs have been less than the horroble jelly mold Sierra SWMBO had previously.
Certainly being in a Sierra is one of the best places to be - it's the one place you cant actually see how ugly it is.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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