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Long life exhaust on a zt 160

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Hi guys ive booked my zt 160 into longlife for a replacment cat back any ideas on tailpipes ,pics would really help. cheers rhys
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pics and info on what's on me 160 can be found > Here <

But... 136.6 dB ain't to everyone's taste :p
I think he means a ZT 160, not ZR Merc.
I think for a big car you can't go wrong with 2.5" or 3" rond tips, stylish and classy.
Something like this, but only one exit ;)
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Go for a twin exit aswell!!

£380 from Powerflow, like Alex's and Big GT's. Quite an easy job on a 75/ZT as there is alot of room on the other side.

I'm getting mine done soon!!! The owner of the Powerflow dealers near me has a ZT with twin exits.
which dealership are you going to ?

I went to walsall, and they did a top Job.

Robin, (the owner) came up from down south to supervise, and I was blown away with price, quality, and sound. I went for twin exit, the advantage with the Zt is that you can get heatshields for both sides, I had to fit another RHS to the LHS, but you cannot tell.

if you drop me a PM with your email address I will post you some Hi res pics of my ZS with the twin exhausts fitted, suffice to say i had a lump in my throat when I picked the car up, it was such a good job !

Everytime I see 160... I think ZR :boxedin:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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