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so , the 25 I picked up a couple of weeks ago and has sat on the drive covered in snow & frost till now has finally thawed out .....woohoo

the battery was dead , neither remote worked and clicked like a cliker-claker at an away game instead of starting...

couple of hours on charge , replaced the remote batteries , re-synced them both and were in on remotes now.

she started first time (a bit of tappet noise but that soon went away after a coupe of mins , maybe one of them is sticking...

so , up on stands and replaced both front discs along with new pads , cleaned everything up and took her for a spin around the village , stops on a dime now :)

one of the headlight had blown so replaced both with new brighter bulbs

next on the list (hopefully tomorrow weather permitting)

1) timing belt + tensioner + pump (looks ok , no gunk around it etc but no record on the service book so playing safe)
2) oil/coolant/filters - will also take sump of to clean it out (OCD on clean internals :))
3) have complete top gasket kit (MLS with new bolts + in/exh etc ) , although I dont know about the oil rail , it may have been changed but will hit that one when i see it.

if the oil looks ok from the sump then the HG can wait...

the wife drove behind it one the way home from picking it up and commented on how dim the rear lights were so they may need a clean out , have my eye on some from a ZR nearby so may just replace them and stick LED's in....
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