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OK, I have way too many threads going on, and it seems that no-one is replying to my questions, probably because i have too many, so I'm gonna try and consolidate them here.

1) Odd fuel consumption:- Dial drops to halfway after 40-50 miles, and then drops very slowly after. for more info. Any ideas?

2) When i replaced my HT leads, I noticed that on the number 1 lead, there was a white powdery residue on the plug section. None of the others had this. Any ideas here?

3) At the beginning of the month I was suffering from BAD coolant loss - but now it's stopped and I've not lost any coolant since. Any ideas how come?

4) Similarly, I was experiencing PAS fluid leakage, which was making the engine bay wet and supposedly affecting my brakes. Again, this leak has stopped too and my engine bay is 100% come?

5) At the back of the car I have numerous rattles and problems:
i) Boot light has only ever worked once, for 10 seconds. Bulb is fine!
ii) There is a groaning/creaking noise that happens when i push down on the rear bumper. Can be heard from inside when passengers in back seat.
iii) A new rattle has formed in the past 2 days. Sounds very loose and plasticy, from the rear nearside.
iv) boot is becoming increasingly hard to shut

6) Fuel filling seems to be a problem with some pumps. Get the clicking. Have tried holding at an angle, and only inserting the nozzle halfway, but it still happens.

7) How hard is it to replace the clutch bearing? :(

There's other stuff too, but I'm too lazy to figure what they are at the moment (i.e. the cause of my driver door central locking not working, taking those door cards off is hard!)

So, any ideas? for anything! None of them seem to be big problems, just annoying.

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1) Fuel gauge is only a gauge, it's not a calibrated instrument. Done a fuel consumption test?

2) Typical of a knackered lead - what's the top of the spark plug like then?

3) Carry on but monitor the coolant level!

4) Ditto!

5) Must be a fault within the boot latch, this houses the switch for the lamp. Suggest you adjust the striker plate to ease closing the bootlid.

6) Not a lot you can do here, do you operate the pump at full speed?

7) Gearbox out job, at least 4hrs labour
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