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I am so pissed off with the DTi that I have written this e-mail to Patricia Hewitt over the MGR issue. I doubt that I will get a response, but she will certainly get the message that I am not happy!

SFulcher in e-mail to DTi said:
I am extremely annoyed with the disgraceful manner with which your Department has treated MG Rover Group Limited and PowerTrain Limited over the last few days.

Your department being unable to keep out of the business of two companies, neither of which was related in any way to the British Government has probably caused the end of 100 years of car manufacturing at Longbridge, and the loss of thousands of jobs locally, and why?

I suspect that the Government thought that if it interfered in talks between MG Rover and Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation and these proved successful, that it would look good upon the public here in the UK, and especially in the West Midlands, and as such would be beneficial to your election campaign for May 5th.

The history of what became MG Rover is littered with Government incompetence from both Labour and Conservative Governments dating back to the 1960s when Government interference caused the merging of British Motor Holdings and Leyland Motors to form British Leyland Motor Corporation, which was the beginning of the end for Car manufacturing in the UK by UK-owned companies.

Looking at the history books I find it very surprising that, following Government after Government making blunder after blunder over BL which ended following privatisation (sale to BAe) in 1988.

Despite what yourselves and the media say, I think that John Towers and Pheonix Venture Holdings have done a good job of running the remains of the once-massive Rover Group following BMW's exit five years ago. Some of the nnew models, and upgrades to existing models have proved that Rover could still compete in the modern world, and certainly have done very well to keep MGR afloat for five years, doing what many would consider an impossible job.

I am not impressed with the manner in which your Department has handled this issue, and you have certainly LOST MY VOTE IN THE FORTHCOMING ELECTION, and expect many more in the Longbridge area to feel the same.

You should certainly RESIGN over this issue.

cc. Dr Richard Taylor MP (Wyre Forest)
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