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Did you replace the coolant recently?

From refill you have to open the bleed valve on the coolant elbow running from back of engine to lower Rad hose (petrol engines) not sure about the set-up on the diesels.

Lower coolant valve is 8mm bolt. Its located on the passenger side you will need to remove air filter housing to get at it.
to refill:
Open cap, loosen 8mm bolt and heater hose bleed screw.
bleed until coolant runs without air bubbles from lower valve, tighten the 8mm bolt.

Keep expansion tank topped up as a low level can draw more air into the system.

Eventually coolant will flow from valve on upper heater. Again bleed until all air bubbles are removed.

Start engine, run for few minutes, bleed again from heater matrix hose only.

Repeat until all air is removed.
Hi Folks
I've read through with interest, and hope you resolved you issue Tess.

@D.R. I've just replace the pump, thermostat and belts and while a pian in the rear with a KV6 (2.5), I'm having difficulty with knocking the air out; a lot of steam from tank, the bleed valave, along with fan noise!

Where exactly is this 8mm bolt, i cannot see anything fitting that description?

KR, John

UPDATE: Sorry... Didn't see post date! If there is someone watching, help/advice would would be great. 👍 Appreciated

UPDATE: Got it sorted now... It seems, unlike some models that are self bleeding, meaning... Vauxhall pushes air out the "bottom" of the expansion tank then redraws from the place, the freelander doesn't!! 😣 Weird.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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