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K16 single point airbox

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I've finally managed to obtain an ultra-rare (so it seems) K16 triangle airbox. My car came supplied with a K&N cone filter (which is now wrecked) plonked over the top of the injector when I bought it.

How important is it that all the bits and bobs are connected to the tribox?
Do all four pipes and hoses have to be attached or can it be used as standalone?

Incidentally, I do have the necessary bits (a red pipe, a yellow pipe, a small hose and a really long hose that goes to the engine management) but the t-connector on the red pipe is quite worn and won't attach to the back of the injector.

I've heard that the system that warms the injector up (using the yellow pipe) never worked properly. Does that mean it needn't be connected? And does that go for the other connections? And I've sort of repeated the same question there.
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